Amy Bishop-Anderson beaten in Madison Co. Jail

Amy Bishop Anderson was assaulted at the Madison County Jail.
Amy Bishop Anderson was assaulted at the Madison County Jail.
Amy Maclin (Source: Madison County Jail)
Amy Maclin (Source: Madison County Jail)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - An inmate locked up with alleged UA-Huntsville shooter Amy Bishop Anderson says she witnessed the fight that sent Bishop Anderson to the medical ward.

Bishop Anderson was attacked by another inmate at the Madison County Jail.

Takeliah Robinson, who was arrested on domestic violence charges last month, was locked up in the same unit with Bishop Anderson until she bonded out of jail Wednesday.

Robinson said she was being held in a unit with about 50 other female inmates-including Bishop Anderson.

Robinson says she talked to Bishop Anderson on a number of occassions.

Bishop Anderson even gave her legal advice on how to move forward with her domestic violence case.

Robinson said about 10 days ago she saw Bishop Anderson confront one of the guards at the jail. Another inmate, Amy Nicole Maclin tried to step between Bishop Anderson and the guard.

Robinson said the next day Bishop Anderson confronted Maclin for pulling her off the guard.

That's when Robinson said things got ugly.

'Amy Bishop swung at the other Amy after she swung I didn't see a dinner tray. The other Amy swung back hit her. I seen blood and feces in the floor,' said Takeliah Robinson.

Bishop-Anderson was taken to the onsite nurse. Initially, they thought she had a broken wrist, but that proved not to be the case.

She is currently being held in a lock up cell in the medical unit where she was checked on by a physician.

Family members have confirmed that the inmate involved was Amy Nicole Maclin. The family member said that Bishop-Anderson "disrespected Amy Maclin and she beat her with a cafeteria tray, and Amy Maclin is now in solitary confinement."

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