Doctors weigh in on health risks associated with smoking spice

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - As spice busts continue in the Tennessee Valley, doctors weighed in on the health risks associated with the drug.

The synthetic substance made of spices and herbs is illegal in Alabama and smoking it can have heavy effects on your health.

"Because spice is a synthetic thing, which means it's like super marijuana, in fact it's about five times as potent," said Dr. Tim Howard.

He said the symptoms for smoking the marijuana substitute can be very powerful.

"You can have increased agitation," Howard said.  "Just take anything that can happen with marijuana and multiply it then you get spice.  You get paranoid delusions; you get hallucinations both auditory and visual hallucinations, and you can also get seizures."

Howard had this advice for parents and for anyone who is thinking trying spice.

"It is actually more dangerous and it's very concerning that this could be marketed though the Internet and other means very easily so don't let it fool you," Howard said.  "Parents especially don't let it fool you because it can certainly be a significant drug issue as far as the side effects and potential for harm."

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