Pastor facing child sex abuse charges has criminal background

Published: Jun. 6, 2012 at 10:12 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 4, 2012 at 6:13 PM CDT
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Former pastor, Mark Allen Green, charged with child sex abuse, has a long list of previous...
Former pastor, Mark Allen Green, charged with child sex abuse, has a long list of previous charges from Texas.

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A Marshall County pastor now facing child sex abuse charges in Texas spent nearly a decade in the Texas state prison system before he was hired to pastor a church in Albertville.

41-year-old Mark Allen Green is jailed on a half million dollar bond in Texas and faces sexual abuse and aggravated sexual abuse of a child charges in Ellis and Navarro counties involving two victims under the age of 18.

Looking at his criminal background, his life of crime appears to have begun before the age of 20. Over the years, he's faced numerous charges in at least six counties in Texas.

State prison officials said Green first entered the state system in 1996 on theft and burglary of a vehicle charges.

He was released in 1998 but was put back into the system in January 2001, and that's where he stayed until late 2007.

Earlier this year, Green was hired to pastor the Cowboy Church of Marshall County in Albertville.

One church official said he wasn't there but for a couple of months, that bad news followed him and he was terminated.

Albertville Police confirm Texas investigators came in recent weeks to talk to Green.

Texas officials say those talks led to his arrest last week when he turned himself in to authorities for his latest charges.

Members of the Board of Elders have not responded as to whether they did a background check on Green before hiring him.

Here is a list of charges against Green:

Navarro County:

  • Feb 1990-Traffic Offense
  • June 1992-Theft Less Than $750
  • July 1992-Revocation of Probation on Theft By Check Charge
  • July 1992-Theft Under $200
  • Dec 1992-Failure To Appear in Court and Speeding
  • February 1993-Failure To Provide Identification
  • Sept 1995-Revocation of Probation on Vehicular Burglary Charge
  • Dec 1995-Failure To Appear in Court
  • Jan 1996-Issuance of Bad Check
  • Oct. 1998-Bond Forfeiture on Theft By Check Charge
  • April 2010-Theft By Check
  • July 2010-Assault (Domestic Violence)

Ellis County:

  • 2003-Theft By Check
  • 2003-Theft of Less Than $500
  • 2003-4 Charges of Issuing and Passing Bad Checks

Tarrant County:

  • May 2000-Theft By Check
  • May 2000-Theft of Livestock Under $20,000

Parker County:

  • Oct 1999-4 Charges of Theft Less Than $500
  • Nov 1999-Theft Less Than $500
  • April 2000-5 Charges Theft Less Than $200
  • April 2000-2 Charges Theft Less Than $20,000

Van Zandt County:

  • Unknown-Retained Hold on Green In Parker County

Hood County:

  • Unknown-Retained Hold on Green In Parker County

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