Man arrested in overnight drug bust

Drug agents found an ounce of "ice," or high quality meth.
Drug agents found an ounce of "ice," or high quality meth.

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A Lawrence county man is facing several charges after deputies said he sold drugs to undercover agents and tried to run them over with his vehicle.

Agents said Clarence Jason Coffey was selling high quality Meth called "Ice". Investigators said Coffey was carrying about an ounce of the drug, which is worth about $2,000 on the street.

Drug task force agents said the operation was a day long process. Investigators set up the sting on County Road 459 in Hillsboro.

When the agents identified themselves, Coffey took off in his truck and deputies went after him on foot.

Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell said Coffey crossed over another roadway, into a different field, hit a fence and then crashed into a tree.

Sheriff Mitchell said at one point, Coffey tried to run his deputies over, so they shot out his front tires.

"He spun around in this field over here and then it came back at them." said Sheriff Mitchell. "Of course they were trying to get him to stop and he refused, made a circle, came back at them and I guess they say the rest is history."

Deputies said Coffey has been charged with, drug distribution, drug trafficking, and two counts of attempted murder. Agents also obtained a warrant to search his home.

Sheriff Mitchell said there was a second person in the truck, but that individual got away. No word on whether agents found that person.

ABI is also investigating this incident because the officers fired shots. Calling in the ABI is standard procedure.

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