Survival on the streets.

Prostitutes in Huntsville are scared to death, and for good reason.

Three murders in three months, all three reported to police as prostitutes.

For the last 28 years, "Judy" has survived by hustling the streets of West Huntsville-- a dangerous, and recently--a deadly service.

Judy was brutally raped last summer, just a few feet away from where Isabell Pam, reportedly a prostitute, was found murdered last week.

A few days after Judy was raped, the same man attacked her in the same spot.

Judy fought her attacker and escaped with her life--but she's had several close calls walking Hall Street--a road the prostitutes call "Hell Street" for its gloomy path.

"I've had knives, guns pulled on me," she said.

"I'm a pretty tough person but I'm scared. I'm not afraid to tell anybody I'm scared to death."

Scared to death, but many women don't walk away from the danger.

"A lot of them walk the street because they got habits. Crack habits, cocaine habits, alcohol, whatever else," said Judy. "It's not

a life for anybody."

Judy is trying to set an example for the younger women by quitting the streets altogether.

She's seeking help from several resources to start her life over.