Woman Murdered

Huntsville Police recorded the City's first homicide of the year Wednesday when a woman's body was found off Blake Street.  Her family wants the public to know she was more than just a number.

All week this family's been hearing news reports that list their Mother as a prostitute, a title they argue with and one that they feel takes away from her life.  Her niece Latressa Motton says, "It's one thing when someone dies, but it's different when you get a call one of your loved ones has been murdered."  That's the call this family got on Wednesday.

Isabell Pam's body was found in an alley off of Blake Street, police say she was murdered, they also say she was a prostitute. A claim her family rejects.  Laquita Pam Holden was her daughter, "This is my mother, not that mug shot, not that prostitute, this is my mother and that's all I want. I want her known for who she was, she was a good person."

Isabell was a mother, grandmother and sister.  Her family says they talked to her regularly and say her life was fine, and she was not homeless.  Another daughter Cynthia Pam Jasper says, "It hurts really bad every time I see it, or think about it hurts me, because that's my mother."

So far little is known about her death, except she had head injuries. Police are now checking out the possibilty that Pam's murder could be connected to the deaths of two other women said to be prostitutes.  The family just wants Isabell's killer caught.  Laquita says, "I'm not going to rest, this family's not going to rest, we will know who did this and they will be brought to justice because you don't take anyone's life, no one deserves to die like this."

The funeral for Isabell Pam is planned for Monday.