Alabama businesses soon to use E-Verify system for employees

An important deadline is ahead for companies that do business with the state of Alabama.

State contractors are required to "E-Verify" new employees starting January 1st. It's an online tool for employers who want to ensure their employees can work in the U.S. legally.

WAFF 48 News spoke to a business owner who has been using the E-Verify system for years now.

He said it's not a burden at all, and it shouldn't be hard for businesses to get on-board with it.

Sharp Communication is already ahead of the game with the E-Verify system. The Huntsville-based company first used the online tool three years ago.

"Once you complete that, you got to go through a short tutorial on how the website works and then when you get through with that tutorial you have to pass a test to be able to use that website," said Trey Sharp, CEO of Sharp Communication.

The company provides communications equipment for public safety agencies.

"We take care of all the two-way radio for Huntsville Police, Huntsville Fire, Madison County Sheriffs," said Sharp.

Starting January 1st, all businesses that have contracts with the state and local subdivisions must use E-Verify for new employees.

Sharp said it was not hard for the payroll department to get with the program.

"It's a pretty simple process. She spent maybe about an hour, had to go on the website and put info on our business," he said.

The E-Verify system helps businesses comply with the state's immigration law.

Sharp said that was not a problem for his company.

"We've never had a situation where we've had a worker who was here illegally or turned out to have any issues related to citizenship status. It's probably somewhat related to our industry," Sharp said.

The state's immigration information website said the law will require all employers in Alabama, not just state contractors, to verify legal working status in April of next year.

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