Holiday driving could be dangerous after rainfall

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - All eyes are on the roadways as many of you are packing up to start your holiday travels.

As more drivers get ready to hit the roads this holiday weekend, officials said Thursday's rainfall may cause some problems out there.

The roads are extremely wet, and as the temperatures continue to drop they have the chance to become even more dangerous especially in those low lying areas.

The director of EMA in Lauderdale County said even though the flash flood watch is set to expire, his office is monitoring the rain totals to the north of the Shoals.

He said all of that water will eventually make its way through the Shoals.

"What we're mainly concerned with are the streams that run through the county there's been an awful lot of water that has fallen to the north of Lauderdale county and we're always concerned with the water as it moves through," said George Grabryan, director of Lauderdale County EMA.

Officials are seeing a lot of what they call ponding, or standing water in the low lying areas.

The most important tip: slow down.

"The number one thing drivers need to do is to adjust their speed according to the road conditions. Just because a roadway is posted 45 miles per hour, with weather conditions like we have now with the rain, just because it is posted doesn't mean it's safe to drive that speed, so you have to adjust your speed to the roadway condition," said Lt. Skipworth.

Lt. Skipworth also said drivers should be extra cautious near any shopping centers, as many people will be heading out to get those last minute gifts.

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