Limestone County church tightens security after numerous burglaries

ELKMONT, AL (WAFF) - Members of a Limestone County church take steps to prevent another burglary.

For the third time in six weeks, someone has broken in to the New Beria Missionary Baptist Church on highway 99 in Elkmont.

Church members spent Tuesday installing security cameras and they weren't the only church hit over the weekend.

A church about a mile down the road reported a break-in as well. Both burglaries were discovered when families arrived for church Sunday.

"The first time they got the safe but they thought we had cash in it but we didn't have anything valuable in but checks. Then they came back and they go the TV and a few other items on our computer system. Then the last time they got the musical equipment," said John White, Chairman of Deacon Board.

Church members said the suspects also damaged certain areas inside. The wood on the side and back doors were splintered by forced entry.

"We never thought someone would break into a church, not just one time, but three times," said Corey Thomas, Senior Pastor.

Pastor Thomas said the third time is the charm. The house of worship now being watched from above in more than one way. They installed security cameras on the inside and out.

Church leaders hope crooks get their message.

"The church has a history of helping those in need. The church is the last place you need to steal from, usually if you ask we go out of our way, not just this church, but many churches to help those in need. Stealing is definitely not the answer," said Pastor Thomas.

Church leadrs said they hope the crooks get caught, repent, get saved and realize what they have done.

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