Shoe store clerk fights off would-be robber

Tijuana Bell fought off a would-be robber at a shoe store.
Tijuana Bell fought off a would-be robber at a shoe store.

A store clerk fought off a would-be robber Tuesday night at the Payless Shoe store on North Memorial Parkway.

While police never encourage people to fight back when in this type of situation, the clerk says she was tired and ready to go home and this man wasn't going to stop her from doing just that.

Tijuana Bell was getting ready to end her shift and close the store for the night when a man wearing a ski mask came into the store.

"It was close to time to go home, my feet were hurting, and I was tired, and I was like, are you really serious?" remembered Bell.

At first, Bell thought it was just a post-Halloween prank, until she saw that the offender had a weapon.

"He had a knife in his hand, and he said, 'this is a stick up,'" said Bell.

While the would-be robber was armed with a knife, Bell was armed with a cart used to transport shoes.

"At that time, I told him I was fixing to whoop his... and I just started ramming him as hard as I could with the cart," she said.

Bell rammed the man all the way to the front of the store until he lost his footing and ran out the front door.

She says she realizes now it wasn't the wisest thing to do, but she just followed her gut instinct after noticing the robber seemed very unsure of himself.

"I guess being the person that I am, that was my reaction. I've always been a finisher and not a starter. So he started it, and I just finished it," said Bell.

Though she can joke about it now, Bell says more has to be done to protect people who work in area shops after dark.

Police have not yet made an arrest in this case, but Bell says she got a quick look at the suspect as he was running away and removed the ski mask.

She says he's a white male with a clean shaven face. He's about 5 feet 7 inches tall and he got away in an older model Ford pickup truck.

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