Hip replacement poisoning

(Source: DePuyPinnacleRecall.org)
(Source: DePuyPinnacleRecall.org)

Sandra Rogers is busy cleaning her kitchen, but even something this simple difficult these days.

"I'm nauseated if I'm awake… So they now have me on medication they give to cancer patients for nausea," said Rogers.

But her current illness has been a mystery to doctors.

Little did she or they know this illness could be tied to a hip replacement she had in December of 2006. This was about 9 months after a devastating auto accident resulting in the death of the hip tissue.

"I think they told me the risks they knew. I don't think even the surgeons realized at the time what the prognosis for the metal on metal hips was going to wind up being," Rogers said.

She said patients simply trust the manufacturers and surgeons when they should be doing their own research and taking charge of their own health care.

DePuy issued a recall. The implant contains cobalt and chromium, metals toxic to the body.

"There was an advertisement that came on TV late one night saying the DePuy Pinnacle was about to be put on the recall list as well," Rogers said.

That motivated her to do some research, and she was shocked when she found a link from her current sickness to the implant.

"When I read it was like nausea, chronic diarrhea, headaches, everything I had been going through for over 2 years," she said.

And after finding this research...

"I had an appointment with my regular GP, and I asked him to check when he did my blood work, to add chromium and cobalt and see what my levels were. He looked at me like I was crazy. Three days later his secretary called me back and said, 'You were right, your levels on both are high.'"

Next Rogers hopes to get the toxic metal parts removed and replaced with ceramic parts.

"Rogers also has a lawyer and plans to join a nationwide class action lawsuit.

She said her biggest lesson in all this is to do more research and ask a lot more questions.

That's good to know when it comes to navigating "Your Health."

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