Board votes to terminate the contract of Dr. Fillis McGhee

Several Hampton Cove elementary employees stepped to the microphone to stand up for their principal Dr. Fillis Mcghee.

Instead, the board voted to terminate the contract of Dr. Fillis McGhee, principal of Hampton Cove Elementary.

There is a long list of charges from falsifying documents, to getting her two-year-old niece into several school programs that she did not qualify for.

Tonight, her attorney and her staff spoke loud and clear, saying their principal is innocent.

With tears in her eyes, a Hampton Cove employee backs her principal, Dr. Fillis McGhee, as superintendent Casey Wardynski terminates her contract at a school board meeting Thursday night.

School board officials say McGhee used her position to enroll her two-year-old niece into a pre-k program, a special education course and fired one teacher to hire her sister to supervise the child.

Wardynski said McGhee also falsified teacher evaluations.

"Fraud is fraud, either you have standards or you don't." said Wardynski.

McGhee, a principal of seven years making a statement, said the allegations are false.

He added that board officials begin looking into the allegations his second day on the job.

"We've interviewed the teachers involved, we have documents from Texas, we have birth certificates, we have documents from some incorporation." said Wardynski.

McGhee's attorney says the board is making a mistake.

"Our position is that Dr. McGhee is one of the best principals in the entire system.  Her record there is great and the allegations that were made against her and when the truth comes to the light, it's gonna show a completely different story." said McGhee's attorney, Jake Watson.

Mcghee is on paid administrative leave.

McGhee's attorney said that they plan to appeal this decision to the circuit court.

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