New bus schedule for students in Huntsville

It's shaping up to be a long school year for some students in the Huntsville city school system.

The school board voted Saturday to transfer Providence 6th graders to Williams Middle School to ease overcrowding.

Students will ride a bus to Providence with other Providence students.

Then 6th graders will get on another bus and go to Williams and vice versa to come home.

Starting this fall, there will be a three year transition for the next three sets of sixth graders. However, the move doesn't just affect 6th graders.

Any student attending Providence and rides a bus will find themselves hitting that snooze button on their alarm clocks one less time.

Every bus rider at Providence will have to be at the bus stop 30 minutes earlier.

The new bus schedule will have students changing buses 180 times within the upcoming school year. The reason for the move is to ease overcrowding and save money.

"You can have the bus run one route or more than one route and still be covered under that same cost," Said Huntsville City Schools spokesman Keith Ward

Instead of adding portable classrooms at an overcrowded Providence, students will make the extra ride where there is extra room.

"This year 6th graders will begin at Williams that would have otherwise been at Providence, and we'll have a 7th and 8th grade," Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski said. "The next year we'll have an 8th grade there, and then there will no longer be a middle school at Providence."

"Williams middle school is a terrific facility. It's only half occupied right now. It's got a great technology program. So this allows us to better utilize that space, and avoid spending $300,000 for mobile classrooms," he added.

School leaders said they're well aware of the logistical issues.

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