DA speaks about Hartselle child murder case

HARTSELLE, AL (WAFF) - Three-year old Jayden Travis was pronounced dead at Decatur General Hospital September 21, 2009. Now, nearly two years later, his mother 23-year old Casey Lynn Travis is indicted on murder and manslaughter charges for his death.

Why did it take so long to bring the case against Casey?

Since 2009, the Morgan County District Attorney's Office has changed hands and is now under the direction Scott Anderson.

Anderson said a number of factors may have delayed the case, like the time it may have taken for the forensic reports.

Not wanting to jeopardize the case, Anderson would only say "the file was in the office when I became DA, and we saw that it needed some attention so we presented the matter to a grand jury as quickly as we could."

In court records, Travis is indicted on chemical endangerment of a child causing the death of Jayden and failing to seek medical attention.  It also said Jayden ingested "suboxone," a drug used to treat opiate addicts.

"Suboxone is one of those things that can be incredibly dangerous, because it can lead to death. Children can get very sleepy and in larger doses they can get so sleepy go into a coma and even stop breathing," said medicine specialist, Dr. Nancy White.

Though Dr. White is not working on the Travis case and has not seen the facts behind the case, she does offer some insight. She said if a child ingests more than just two milligrams, they would need medical attention.

An investigation by Priceville Police showed Travis did not have a prescription for the pills.

The arraignment for Casey Travis is set for June 30th.

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