State Senate passes immigration bill

Immigration bill pass in the Senate, 26 to 6.
Immigration bill pass in the Senate, 26 to 6.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - An immigration enforcement bill has passed the Senate by a vote of 26 to six.

Senators opened debate on an Arizona-style Immigration bill today.

The proposed law would allow police to check a person's legal status during traffic stops.

The bill in the Senate is slightly different than the one sponsored by Decatur representative Micky Hammon in the House.

Governor Bentley is encouraging lawmakers to work together and merge the bills.

But, there are still some major concerns with this bill.

Rocket City Meats owner Bill Phillips said much of his business is done with restaurants that may be forced to leave if their undocumented workers are forced out of Alabama.

"It would affect my customer base real strong. Mexican restaurants are a third of my income. I just wonder how this is really going to affect the economy we're in. The food industry," Phillips said.

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