Ider woman arrested for poisoning step-father

Billy Shaw's body was exhumed last summer
Billy Shaw's body was exhumed last summer

IDER, AL (WAFF)- A two year old murder case in DeKalb County that parallels the case of pop singer Michael Jackson has come to the end.

Friday, the step-daughter of the man who died is in custody charged with capital murder.

When Billy Shaw died, it was believed to be a heart attack, but it turned out he died from the very same drug that Michael Jackson was overdosed on.

32-year-old Karrie Denise Willoughby of Ider turned herself into authorities Friday morning and was charged with capital murder.

According to reports, Willoughby found Shaw in his home in the Cartersville community on April 22, 2008.

Emergency responders from Ider Rescue Squad and DeKalb Ambulance Service arrived, and Shaw was pronounced dead at the scene by Coroner Tom Wilson.

Initial reports at the scene indicated Shaw died of an apparent heart attack.

His body was exhumed in May 2009 after investigators received information that he did not die of natural causes.  An autopsy revealed he had been injected with the drug, Propofol.

Willoughby is believed to have injected Billy Shaw with the drug.

At the time of Shaw's death, the sheriff said Willoughby was a nurse. "We were still trying to determine where the Propofol came from, how he ended up with that, and we determined that was brought in the county by Ms. Willoughby," said DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris.

Willoughby had a first appearance before a circuit court judge where she was formally read the charges and she was asked if she had an attorney. Prosecutors said she was represented by Huntsville attorney Bruce Gardner.

"This is a very tragic situation. It is unfortunate, but our investigators and the District Attorney would not have presented the case to the grand jury if we didn't have conclusive evidence," said Sheriff Harris.

Investigators are being tight lipped on why they believe Willoughby would want her stepfather dead. The indictment may shed some light on that indicating it was for financial gain.

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