Sarah Palin to speak at a dinner in Birmingham

The Rainbow Omega's 18th Annual Fundraising Dinner will host Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as its speaker. The event will be held at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel at 7 PM on May 11th.

The Rainbow Omega is a faith-based, not-for profit organization. It is strictly nonpartisan and is dependant upon donations for funding. The organization provides a safe, permanent home for adults with developmental disabilities.

Governor Palin's topic will be "Dreams for My Child's Future: My Views as an Advocate for those with Developmental Disabilities." Her topic is inspired by her youngest son Trig, who has Down Syndrome, as do many of the Rainbow Omega's Residents.

"We are grateful to Governor Palin for lending her support to our organization. As the mother of a child with developmental disability, I am sure that Governor Palin has realized what a special blessing their family has been given and what important decisions they will have to make about his future," said Stentson Carpenter, founder and SEO of Rainbow Omega.

"Few people truly understand the anguish of parents who wonder what will happen to their child once they can no longer care for them at home. It is our mission to provide lifelong care in a Christian environment, and we are certain that Governor Palin will communicate our mission in a dynamic manner," added Carpenter.

Rainbow Omega encompasses residential care, respite care, intermediate care for medically frail and aging individuals, and a vocational program that fosters independence. Eighty adults live in large family-style group homes on the 231-acre campus located in Eastaboga, Alabama.

Each resident is encouraged to learn new skills according to their abilities. They also participate in social activities in the community at large.

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