Huntsville City Schools debate uniforms

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Some wonder if mandatory school uniforms would help stop the threats.

Some schools already have a uniform dress code policy.

They say it cuts down on gang influence and violence if everyone is dressed alike.

Huntsville City School Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore says the idea of a uniform policy has been resurrected in the last few weeks.

A group has been formed to look into the possibility of making it mandatory for all city elementary and middle schools to dress alike.

She says some already have a policy in place, and others are soon to follow.

"We do have schools where uniforms are worn.  It's standard at alternative school, everyday. Chapman Middle, ASFL, they are going to be wearing uniforms at Williams Middle," said Moore.

Parents are on edge after a student was shot and killed at Discovery Middle School last month and they have been threats made by other students at other schools since.

What do parents think about the uniform policy and do they think it could help curb violence in our schools.

"I think kids can still have an identity on the weekend with what they wear it takes the pressure off you've got something better than me it would take away the ability to compare," said Leslee Chapman.

"I think its an up-to-date thing. I think it's a nice thing for kids to have on the same thing," said Curtis Hooks.

"I think it teaches discipline that our kids need in times we are living in," said Quine Cousins.

You can even join a group to support uniforms in Huntsville City Schools via Facebook.

Dr. Moore says some elementary schools have already picked out patterns and colors for school uniforms.

Right now whether students wear those uniforms is voluntary.

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