Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announces she has lung cancer

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced Thursday she has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

  Ala. law aims to penalize people with fake service dogs

Gov. Ivey to host ceremonial bill signing

New law tightens Alabama absentee voter requirements

New poll shows Alabama’s feelings on Gov. Ivey, Pres. Trump, abortion, Confederate monuments & Democratic candidates

  New law aims to minimize criminals’ profit off of violent crimes

  SPECIAL SESSION: Prison reform likely to spark Gov. Ivey to call in lawmakers

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  Ala. Sen. Doug Jones reacts to Roy Moore’s second bid for Senate seat

  What’s important to know about Alabama’s new equal pay law

Gov. Ivey signs bill creating study commission on medical marijuana

Ala. governor signs chemical castration bill into law

  Clock ticking for passage of medical marijuana commission bill

New Ala. law lets nurses work across state lines with compact license

Ivey approves parole board reforms

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has approved legislation aimed at reforming the state's Board of Pardons and Paroles

Gov. Ivey holds ceremonial bill signing Thursday morning

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey showcased several bills she had signed into law at a ceremony Thursday morning.

  Chemical castration bill awaiting Ala. governor’s signature

There’s a bill on Governor Kay Ivey’s desk that would require convicted sex offenders on parole to undergo chemical castration.

  What Alabama lawmakers did, did not accomplish this year

Alabama state lawmakers wrapped up the legislative session Friday after several long nights and intense debates.

  Lawmakers give final approval to education budget

Ala. State Rep. Jimmy Martin dies

Alabama voters to decide fate of state school board

  Bill to restructure parole board heads to governor’s desk

Ivey signs legislation expanding broadband services

Lawmakers approve Alabama equal pay legislation

Senate committee advances campus free speech bill

A Senate committee has advanced legislation requiring public universities to develop free speech policies

Pres. Trump on AL Senate race: “Roy Moore cannot win”

In a series of early morning tweets, President Trump urged Republicans in Alabama to find another candidate to rally behind.

Lawmakers approve teacher pay raise, education budget

The Alabama House of Representatives has approved a 4% pay increase for teachers and other public school employees.

  Human trafficking bills pass Ala. House, now head to Senate

A number of bipartisan bills and resolutions have passed in the Alabama House of Representatives and are now on their way to the Senate for its consideration.

Alabama House may slow bill to legalize medical marijuana

Alabama lawmakers could make changes to medical marijuana legislation after the bill hit opposition in the House

House approves wine shipment legislation

The Alabama House of Representatives has passed legislation allowing residents to purchase wine and have it shipped directly to their house

Alabama legislators push lottery bill debate to Wednesday

A bill to start a state lottery in Alabama failed on a procedural vote in the House of Representatives.

Alabama senator introduces bill to repeal abortion ban

An Alabama state senator has introduced a bill that would repeal the abortion ban passed through the Alabama legislature just last week.

Alabama Senate passes bill to remove school board elections

The Senate passed a bill 30 to 0 Thursday that would scrap school board member elections and make it an appointed seat.

Legal battle ahead for Alabama abortion law

An Alabama law banning most abortions in the state will take effect in six months, but legal challenges are already in the works.

Ala. lottery bill undergoes changes in House committee

On Wednesday, the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee approved a proposed change to the bill that will now go to the House for a vote.

  Alabama Senate approves near-total abortion ban

After hours of debate, the Alabama Senate passed a bill Tuesday night that outlaws nearly all abortions in the state.

Ala. Senate passes bill to ban nearly all abortions

The bill to ban nearly all abortions in Alabama passed in the Senate Tuesday night.

  Bill would move state school board from election to appointment

The legislation, filed by Sen. Del Marsh, would allow the governor to appoint commissioners who would then be confirmed by the Senate.

  Bill to restructure AL parole board clears House after long debate

Following more than five hours of intense deliberation, Alabama House Bill 380 passes by a wide margin.

  Rape, incest exceptions added to abortion bill

The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed a bill banning nearly all abortions in Alabama.

  Bill aims to relieve teacher shortage with extended ‘emergency certificates’

A bill aimed at helping with the teacher shortage passed the Alabama House Tuesday afternoon.

Effort to ban plastic bag bans stalls in Senate

An effort to prohibit cities from banning plastic grocery bags, foam cups and other single-use containers has stalled in the Alabama Senate

House delays vote on distracted driving bill

The Alabama House of Representatives has delayed a vote on an effort to ban the use of handheld cellphones while driving

  Local party members discuss the state House abortion bill

A new abortion bill that will be heard in Senate committee this week would make it illegal to perform most types of abortions in Alabama and would criminally punish the doctor.

Bill would increase penalties for tampering with voting machines

The Alabama Secretary of State’s office is advocating for a bill that would increase the penalties someone faces for tampering with electronic voting machines.

  AL Senate bill aims to reverse low firefighter, police recruitment

The Alabama Senate passed a bill that hopes to reverse low recruitment and boost moral for first responders across Alabama. Many public safety agencies source these issues to low pay and lesser benefits.

  Senate passes $7.1 billion education budget

The education budget now heads to the House after the Senate passed it 28 to 2 Thursday afternoon.

Ed Henry avoids prison, sentenced to probation in Medicare fraud case

Former state representative Ed Henry was sentenced Thursday in federal court after pleading guilty to information involving theft of government property.

  State Rep. John Rogers comments on abortion bill, issues in the state

An Alabama House representative had some strong comments about an abortion bill, which passed in the House Tuesday.

  Bill covers LGBTQ community and police for hate crimes

Alabama is one step closer to applying stiffer penalties for LGBTQ hate crimes.

  Alabama House passes bill that would ban nearly all abortions

The Alabama House of Representatives is debating a bill that would ban nearly all abortions.

Senate committee passes bill restricting sale of vaping devices

State lawmakers want to crack down on stores selling products like vapes and e-cigarettes.

Alabama House approves pay raise for correctional officers

The Alabama House of Representatives has approved an increase in correctional officer pay as Alabama faces a federal court order to increase prison staff

  Could medical marijuana be approved this legislative session?

A bill passed committee earlier this week, which means it's one step closer to being legalized.

Several bills targeting human trafficking pass House committees

Two of the bills would require health care workers and new commercial drivers to go through human trafficking training.

  Lottery bill passes in Alabama Senate

By a vote of 21-12, the Alabama Senate has voted to approve a lottery bill.

Alabama House to vote on abortion ban next week

Alabama lawmakers next week will debate one of the most stringent abortion restrictions in the nation

‘Heated’ lottery debate expected on Senate floor Thursday

The Senate is expected to debate a lottery proposal Thursday after it passed 6-5 in the Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee Tuesday.

Senate Committee approves 4 percent teacher pay raise

A Senate committee approved a 4 percent teacher pay raise for Alabama teachers Wednesday.

Bill would require third graders to meet reading benchmarks

Bill would require third graders to meet reading benchmarks

Senate Judiciary committee passes Alabama medical marijuana bill

The Senate Judiciary committee approved a bill allowing people with certain conditions to use medical cannabis, also known as medical marijuana.

House passes bill allowing Rosa Parks, Helen Keller statues on State Capitol grounds

There was a standing ovation in the House chamber after lawmakers passed a bill allowing Rosa Parks and Helen Keller statues on the State Capitol grounds.

Alabama lottery bill advances to Senate

A lottery proposal is heading to the full Alabama Senate for a vote after it passed 6-5 in the Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee Tuesday.

  How to find your Alabama state lawmakers

You may want to contact your lawmakers after hearing about all the bills before the Alabama Legislature.

  Report: Alabama bill would expand time for non-certified teachers

A proposed Alabama Senate bill would allow non-certified educators to teach for up to six years.

Bill requires schools to conduct Pledge of Allegiance

Alabama lawmakers have advanced a bill that would require public schools to start the school day with the Pledge of Allegiance.

New bill could help ease Alabama’s nursing shortage

The Alabama Board of Nursing says employers find it difficult to hire travel or temporary nurses because many are unwilling to get another license. That could soon change.

Alabama lawmakers head toward lottery vote

Alabama lawmakers are heading toward a vote on lottery legislation

  Federal prosecutor weighs in on doctor opioid busts, state prison problems

US Attorney Jay Town talks with WAFF 48 about doctors arrested in a recent opioid bust and Alabama's prison issues that are getting attention from federal investigators

Bill to lower penalties for pot possession clears committee

A proposal to lower the penalty for marijuana possession has cleared its first hurdle in the Alabama Legislature, but faces a dubious future as it heads to a possible floor vote

Alabama committee advances bill to outlaw abortion

An Alabama committee advanced one of the most stringent abortion restrictions in the nation, a measure that would make performing an abortion a felony

Bill that would end concealed carry pistol permit requirement discussed Wednesday

The Senate Judiciary Committee had a public hearing on a bill that would rid Alabamians of a requirement to obtain a pistol permit before carrying a concealed firearm.

Bill would prevent sheriffs from profiting from jail food

Bill would prevent sheriffs from profiting from jail food, raise

Bill requires jails to provide menstrual products to inmates

A bill would require jails and prisons to provide female inmates with tampons or sanitary pads

  Bill would keep 3rd graders with low reading skills from moving to 4th grade

There is proposed legislation to keep third graders from moving to the next grade level, so they can work on their reading skills.

Senate committee shelves ethics law bill

The proposed ethics bill faced some criticism from top state leaders, including the Alabama Attorney General.

  Bill to close AL payday loan loophole gains bipartisan support

The “30 Days to Pay” bill would specifically help those who fall into the debt cycle, forced to take out loan after loan to make the payments.

  House passes ‘Anti-Road Rage’ bill

The amount of time you are allowed spend in the left lane on the interstate could change.

Dozens lobby against scrapping concealed carry permit requirement

Dozens of people came to the statehouse to oppose a bill that would rid Alabamians of a requirement to obtain a pistol permit before concealed carrying a firearm.

GBHS concerned about pet store regulation bill

There’s growing concern over a pet store regulation bill called Senate Bill 183.

  State House passes bill adding restrictions to vaping devices

State lawmakers want to crack down on stores selling products like vapes and e-cigarettes.

U.S. Rep. Sewell drops a minimum wage increase bill as a ‘practical approach’

A new push to increase the minimum wage in Alabama is coming from Capitol Hill. Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL) introduced legislation Thursday that calls for regionalizing the federal minimum wage standard.