Lawmakers still debating medical mariajuana bill, some Alabamians want it passed

Governor Ivey makes pay raises for teachers, state employees official

  Proposed lottery proceeds would go toward academic scholarships

  Lauderdale County activist group believes protest bill targets them

Lawsuit filed against Gov. Ivey seeks to stop mega-prison construction

Alabama won’t lose any seats in Congress after 2020 census

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  Athens man in the running for Mo Brooks’ Congress seat

Abortion pills targeted in new Alabama legislation

Gov. Ivey signs bill banning trans students from competing on non-co-ed sports teams

Gov. Ivey signs bill banning trans students from competing on non-co-ed sports teams

  Most Alabama Mayors, Councilmembers will serve an extra year this term

ABC Board preparing to enforce new alcohol delivery legislation

  What’s changed between the new gaming bill and Senate Bill 214 that failed

There’s been a lot of back and forth this legislative session regarding the creation of lottery, and expanding casino gaming. If the newest gaming bill passes the House, it will be on the ballot for your vote in 2022.

Medical marijuana clears another hurdle to becoming legal in Alabama

The move to legalize marijuana for medical purposes is as farther along in the legislative process than it’s ever been.

  Alabama Literacy Act one step closer to being put on hold

A bill is headed to the Alabama House to delay the Literacy Act for two more years.

Alabama Senate passes lottery, gaming legislation

Alabama state senators passed a constitutional amendment, along with three companion bills, to allow a lottery to be created in the state and allow for casino-style gambling.

  Some state lawmakers are working to block vaccine passports, others support passports

Lifetime pistol permit one signature away from becoming law

Secretary of State John Merrill announces he will not run for U.S. Senate following report of affair

Alabama medical marijuana bill passes another legislative hurdle

Mo Brooks receives Senate endorsement from former President Donald Trump

  Alabama home delivery of alcoholic beverages one step closer

Alcohol delivery bill headed to Gov. Ivey’s desk

The bill, that passed Tuesday, would allow for beer, wine and spirits to be shipped directly to homes.

  Faith leaders call on changes to Madison County Pre-Trial Intervention Program

Faith in Action Alabama is calling on the District Attorney’s Office to make changes to the Madison County Pre-Trial Intervention program to make sure anyone can participate regardless of income.

Gov. Ivey standing by decision to end mask order, despite Biden’s request

“As Governor Ivey has previously stated, Alabama’s mask mandate ends April 9,” said Press Secretary Gina Maiola.

  NAACP and others weigh in on voting bills on the table

Plenty of attention is on Georgia right now for a new law which includes sweeping voting restrictions, and many are wondering if Alabama is next.

  Controversy sparks over bill that could change the voting system

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are battling over a bill that could reshape voting rights for the entire country.

  Congressman Mo Brooks announces his run for Senate; Protestors rally against it

Congressman Mo Brooks is jumping into the Senate race to replace retiring Senator Richard Shelby. The congressman made this announcement at a rally in Huntsville on Monday at Bullet and Barrel Indoor Shooting Range and Training Facility.

  Rep. Mo Brooks announces run for U.S. Senate

All signs seem to point toward Brooks making a run at the U.S. Senate.

Alabama House approves bill to ban transgender athletes

Alabama could become the next conservative state to prevent transgender girls from playing on female sports teams.

  Alabama senator calls out Democrat voting bill

Democrats have said the bill would improve access to voting, particular for people of color. Republicans argue the bill would federalize the voting system and take away a state’s power to oversee their own elections.

Ivey reflects on 1-year mark of COVID-19 pandemic

Gov. Kay Ivey announced the statewide mask mandate will end after April 9th. WSFA asked what move the governor would make if coronavirus cases climbed.

House votes to lift old yoga ban, but don’t say namaste

A decades-old ban on yoga in Alabama public schools could be coming to an end.

  Here’s how the $1.9T COVID-19 relief bill will benefit many in north Alabama

For many, it’s more than money, it’s a sigh of relief.

  Neighbors respond to Marshall County man arrested by FBI for connection at Capitol riot

33-year-old Joshua James lives on Brashier’s Chapel Road in Arab. FBI agents raided his home on Tuesday and one neighbor witnessed it all.

  Reintroduced House Bill would give cities, counties options to relocate Confederate monuments

Alabama lawmakers rejected a bill that would give cities and counties options to relocate Confederate monuments. Now, an updated version of the bill has been reintroduced.

  “Danny’s Law”, Senate bill could help law enforcement investigate drugged driving crashes

In 2016, an Alabama A&M student died in a car crash involving a drugged driver. Now, a bill in the state legislature could help law enforcement investigate drugged driving crashes.

Alabama Senate votes down gambling bill

The Alabama Senate has voted against a bill that would have created a constitutional amendment to legalize gambling in Alabama.

  “My past has come back to bite me in the butt,” 19-year-old Decatur Councilman apologizes for controversial post from 2018

The Councilman’s post from 2018 recently resurfaced showing a post he wrote saying, “See I have to go shopping there next week and we gone play a game called red rover red rover you fools gone get ran over!”

Both Alabama Senators Tuberville, Shelby vote against COVID relief bill

As Senate passed the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill Saturday morning, Alabama Senators Tommy Tuberville and Richard Shelby are explaining why they voted against it.

  Bill to lessen first offense marijuana possession penalty passes Senate committee

As the law stands now, being caught with any amount of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor on the first offense. However, a proposed bill could change that.

  House bill allowing no excuse absentee voting carried over

There was a record number of absentee voting this past general election that some said started the groundwork for a house bill that would make it to where Alabamians wouldn’t have to have an excuse to vote absentee.

  Can a school district discipline a student based on social media content posted while on campus?

If your student posts an inappropriate message on Snapchat or Instagram off school property, can they be disciplined by their school?

  Bill would make prescribing puberty blocking drugs to minors a felony

If the bill passes, it would be illegal for health care providers to prescribe sex hormones or puberty blocking drugs to people under 19.

Alabama lawmakers debate distracted driving bill

Some Alabama lawmakers say using cellphones while driving is too dangerous.

Alabama House debates bill to allow no-excuse absentee voting

An Alabama House committee debated a bill that would allow you to vote absentee without having to provide an excuse.

  Alcohol delivery bill draws controversy over exclusion of breweries, wineries and distilleries

Home delivery of alcohol is now one step closer thanks to a bill lawmakers are currently debating this legislative session, but not everyone is rejoicing with the possibility. Some local groups report they were left out of consideration.

  Local wine store owner talks alcohol delivery bill as it moves through legislature

G. Todd Daniel, owner of the Wine Rack, said it’s a good idea, but probably won’t be able to help small businesses like his.

  Alabama Policy Institute officer want to see changes to gambling bill

Five full service casinos and a lottery system is what lawmakers debated over in Montgomery on Thursday.

  House Bill proposes public schools should offer semester-long course in Black American history

If passed, the required course would cover important events in Black American history, including the history of slavery in America.

  Republican and Democrat state party leaders look ahead to 2022 Senate race

Both agreed Sen. Shelby’s spot will be big shoes to fill.

Bill exempting COVID-19 relief funds from state taxation heads to Gov. Ivey

A bill that makes Alabamians’ COVID-19 relief funds exempt from being taxed by the state has cleared its final hurdle on its way to the governor’s office for approval.

Bill filed to allow Alabamians to vote on lottery, expanding gaming

Alabama Sen. Del Marsh filed a gambling bill Tuesday night.

  The Sweet Potato Bill; Students in Alabama are working for a state vegetable to be named

A group of homeschoolers are responsible for a senate bill lawmakers are currently talking about after they realized Alabama was in need of a state vegetable.

  Senate Bill 12: Could the National Anthem soon be required in public schools?

If passed, Senate Bill 12 would require public schools to play the National Anthem during the school week and before athletic events.

AP sources: Alabama senator has indicated he won’t run again

U.S. Sen. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama has indicated to some confidantes that he doesn’t intend to run for reelection next year.

  Billy Clardy III Act would leave wiretapping approval for drug investigations up to the state

A bill aimed at protecting the badge has taken a step forward in Alabama legislature.

Medical marijuana bill passes Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee

Wednesday, the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bill which allows people with certain health conditions to receive medical marijuana.

  Billboards up across Huntsville call for Rep. Mo Brooks to resign

You can see the billboards calling for Brooks to resign in four different spots in Huntsville.

Senator Clay Scofield named Alabama Senate Majority Leader

Senator Scofield represents District 9, which includes Blount, Madison, and Marshall Counties.

  Local lawmakers discuss election bills

Alabama lawmakers are meeting for the first time since COVID-19 prematurely shut them down last spring. That means they have a lot of unfinished business to tackle. After last November, voting rights and election security are a massive priority for both parties.

  Bill in consideration to fine violators $10K daily after a monument is moved

Two of the bills being introduced this legislative session in Montgomery are aimed at the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act. One of them is intended to strengthen it, the other essentially strip it away.

  The 2021 Alabama Legislative Session kicks off Tuesday in Montgomery

The 2021 Legislative Session kicks off Tuesday Feb. 2 in Montgomery. Bills revolving around businesses and the pandemic, the economy, prison reform, and more will be discussed.

Ivey to sign 2 mega-prison lease agreements, possibly Monday

The pending lease approvals come months after Ivey and Alabama Department of Corrections released the names of the developer teams that would build three proposed new mega-prisons.

Alabama leaders react to President Biden’s inauguration

Alabama’s leaders are reacting to the inauguration of President Joe Biden and many are promising, despite having political differences, to work with the new administration where common ground can be found.

  SPLC warns more violence could be looming starting this weekend

SPLC Spokesperson Michael Hayden says extremists have hinted different events will begin Saturday and could ramp up from there.

  Impeachment expert weighs in on proceedings

President Donald Trump became the first president in history to be impeached twice. Critics have questioned why with just a few days left in his presidency, and others are looking forward to a Senate trial.

  U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville talks about U.S. Space Command, impeachment and more

Alabama’s newest Senator, Tommy Tuberville came to town on Wednesday and our crews met up with him to hear his thoughts on this pandemic, the impeachment, and the news that the U.S. Space Command headquarters is coming to the rocket city.

’I unequivocally condemn the violence we saw last week’: White House tweets new video message from Pres. Trump

The White House tweeted a new video message from President Donald Trump condemning the violence and the mob riot that took place at the U.S. Capitol January 6.

U.S. Rep. Moore suspended from Twitter, deactivates personal account

Congressman Barry Moore, R-District 2, was suspended from Twitter Sunday on his personal account. He later deactivated the account.

  Exclusive interview with Congressman Mo Brooks after unrest at the Capitol

All eyes are on Congressman Mo Brooks after a speech he made at a Save America rally on Wednesday. WAFF spoke with Brooks in a live interview about the riots, watch it here.

  Huntsville pastor calls Congressman Brooks’ words at D.C. rally irresponsible

I don’t care if you’ve got a D or an R or an I in front of your name. When I hear a hint of a threat of violence, as I heard yesterday, I have both a right and responsibility to say, this is not right,” Collins said.

Alabama’s congressional delegation reacts to storming of US Capitol

Some members of Alabama’s Congressional delegation, as well as others, are reacting on social media after the U.S. Capitol was breached by protestors on Wednesday.

Alabama Department of Corrections responds to DOJ lawsuit over Alabama prisons

Officials with ADOC released a statement saying saying the notion was not made in spirits of good faith and undermines months of conversations that they hoped were moving them towards a mutual resolution.

Gov. Ivey gets approval for Zeta disaster declaration from President Trump

“President Trump said to consider it approved!" Ivey said in a tweet today.

U.S. Department of Justice sues Alabama Department of Corrections over prisoner violence, sexual abuse

The complaint says the state violates civil rights by failing to prevent prisoner-on-prisoner violence and sexual abuse, and excessive force by security staff in prisons for men.

  Here’s how a government shutdown would impact us locally

A looming government shutdown could be on the horizon. Congress has until a week from Friday to pass a government spending bill, and if that doesn’t happen the government could shut down.

  Former Ala. House Speaker, Mike Hubbard, prison sentence reduced

Hubbard's sentence has been reduced from 4 years to 28 months

Congressman Robert Aderholt back in quarantine

Congressman Aderholt is in quarantine for a second time, shortly after his previous quarantine ended

Former longtime Alabama Rep. Alvin Holmes dies

Former longtime Alabama Rep. Alvin Holmes has died, the Alabama Democratic Party confirmed. He was 81.