Caravan to Gov. Ivey’s mansion protests Alabama Parole Board, mega-prison plan

  Alabama Department of Labor representative explains top two unemployment claim issues

Merrill says Ala. prepared for July runoff after ‘unfortunate’ Ga. primary

Former State Rep. Oliver Robinson released from prison

Opinions vary on possible special session, but outstanding issues are plenty

  Increases for mental health, pre-K in signed budgets amid pandemic

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Ivey signs state budgets into law

  Legislature accepts Ivey’s amendment on use of $1.8B in COVID-19 funds

Gov. Ivey proposes plan for how lawmakers should use CARES Act money

House passes Education budget, General Fund goes to Ivey

Ivey cedes control of coronavirus funds, chides Legislature for spending ‘wishlist’

Budgets on the move; Speaker says no other bills will be considered

House committee approves $7.2 billion education budget

The proposed 2021 Education Trust Fund contains about $91 million increase from the 2020 fiscal year budget.

Senate passes General Fund budget, stakes domain over coronavirus funds

The Alabama Senate passed a General Fund budget totaling $2.389 billion.

Senate passes $1.25 billion bond issue for schools

Senate Bill 242 passed 29-0 in the Senate and now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Lawmakers return to changed legislative session

The Alabama Legislature resumed a legislative session that looks much different from when it began three months ago.

Stripped-down legislative session to resume May 4

Ala. legislative session scheduled to resume on May 4

$891 billion is on hold, but Alabama’s economy will stand again

  Lawmakers meet for session with gloves and masks during COVID-19 outbreak

Alabama Senate passes medical marijuana bill

  Proposed school calendar changes stirring up debate across Alabama

Inmate work release monitoring bill passes House

The House on Tuesday passed legislation that would require state inmates who work outside of the Alabama Department of Corrections facilities to wear electronic monitoring devices.

Education lottery bill filed in House with 70 co-sponsors

If passed, the bill would go to the ballot as a constitutional amendment for people to vote on.

  Ala. House passes bill to lift ban on yoga in public schools

The Alabama House passed a bill Tuesday that would allow school boards to offer yoga classes in K-12 public schools.

  Public records bill debated in Montgomery, has implications for government transparency

Currently, government agencies have no hard deadline to respond to records requests. If passed, the bill would change that.

  Alabama state senator files bill that would criminalize sanctuary city policies

The bill criminalizes noncompliance with federal immigration law enforcement.

Alabama Senate OKs bill banning gender treatment for minors

The legislation now moves to the state’s House of Representatives, where a similar bill was also approved by a health committee last month.

Lawmakers: Schools unfairly hurt by report cards’ treatment of non-English speakers

House Bill 294 and Senate Bill 238, would remove English language learners, identified by an assessment test, from the academic achievement score portion of the report card.

  Constitutional carry bill clears Ala. Senate committee

Supporters say it is their constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon without buying a permit from the government.

DECISION 2020: Election results from across Alabama

Alabama is one of several states involved with “Super Tuesday” primary voting on March 3.

After committee passage, Senate slows animal cruelty bill

At least one member of the Alabama Senate committee that approved a bill opponents claim takes state animal abuse laws backwards said he wants to see the legislation die.

Payday loan bill dies, but issue not dead

Last year, 189,231 Alabamians took out 1.6 million payday loans worth about $563.6 million from lenders in the state. They paid about $98.4 million in fees, according to a database kept by the Alabama Department of Banking.“It’s absolutely massive,” Dev Wakeley, a policy analyst for the progressive

‘Alternative cover’ landfill bill moves forward; ADEM says coal ash no longer permitted material

The Alabama House of Representatives on Thursday approved legislation that clarifies landfills’ ability to use materials other than dirt to cover new garbage each day.

  House-approved teacher benefits package could face challenge in Senate

The proposal created a Tier III retirement benefits package for education employees including people like teachers, janitorial staff, bus drivers, and other staff. The goal is to alleviate a teacher shortage.

  Animal rights activists not happy with Alabama Senate bill

“I had to put it down and read it again because I couldn’t believe what I saw,” Montgomery Humane Society Executive Director Steven Tears explained.

  Ala. medical marijuana bill passes first hurdle in state legislature

A Senate Judiciary Committee passed a medical marijuana bill 8-1 Wednesday morning. It now heads to the full Senate.

Dozens lobby at statehouse for criminal justice reform

More than 100 people came to the statehouse to lobby state lawmakers for criminal justice reform Tuesday.

  Proposals to end grocery tax expected this legislative session

A tax on food raises about $500 million for the education trust fund in Alabama.

Draft bill proposes extended summer break for Alabama students

Alabama State Rep. Steve Hurst is drafting a bill proposing longer summer breaks for students.

Governor Ivey signs order forming study group for gambling policy

Ivey wants the Study Group to gather information to allow the governor, the Legislature, and the citizens of our state to make an informed decision on gaming expansion in Alabama.

Transgender athlete bill stalls in House committee

A bill requiring transgender student athletes to compete on sports teams based on their gender at birth stalled without a vote in a House committee Thursday.

‘Born alive’ bill introduced again in Alabama House

A bill relating to abortion has been introduced in the state house of representatives.

Poll: Overwhelming support for lottery among Alabama voters

New polling shows that Alabamians overwhelmingly want a statewide lottery and a significant percentage are undecided on how to vote on the March 3 constitutional amendment to reorganize the state board of education.

Lawmaker addresses rumors over school calendar proposal

State Rep. Steve Hurst says his plan is to extend summer break to 15 weeks.

Ala. AG addresses deadly year for state’s law enforcement agencies

Seven law enforcement officers have been shot to death over the last 13 months.

Sessions, Tuberville neck and neck in new Senate poll

The pollsters also asked voters how Byrne, Sessions and Tuberville would do in a match-up against incumbent Doug Jones

Bill proposes increased fines for illegally altering confederate monuments, historical buildings

A House committee carried over a bill that would require cities or entities pay $10,000 fine each day for illegally altering or moving certain buildings including confederate monuments on public property.

  Lawmakers discuss bill to abolish state auditor’s office

State lawmakers talked about a bill Tuesday that would abolish the state auditor’s office.

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones will vote in favor of removing President Trump

The full senate vote on the President’s impeachment is expected at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Ivey calls for $1B school bond, lottery study group in address to Legislature

Gov. Kay Ivey asked lawmakers to support a $1 billion bond for K-12, community college and university construction projects and to slow down on proposals for a lottery or gambling in the state.

Prisons, lottery, raises, mental health on legislative agenda

Alabama’s 2020 legislative session begins Tuesday in Montgomery, where the state’s prison crisis and another effort to let Alabamians vote on a lottery promise to be must-watch issues.

Former Senator, Presidential candidate Rick Santorum to moderate senate debate in Florence

The event is happening February 15th at the Marriott Shoals Conference Center.

  ADOC defends decision not to inform DOJ of Holman Prison closure

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, Jay E. Town, said the DOJ only learned of the decision to close Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore on Wednesday.

  Alabama lawmaker set to propose education lottery

“I think the general sentiment in the House, and I think the general sentiment around the state, is that it needs to be dedicated to education,” Rep. Steve Clouse said.

  State leaders discuss focuses for next legislative session

Speaker Mac McCutcheon says improving education, transportation and mental health are all priorities.

Alabama at risk of losing congressional seat, funding; state asks for increase in census participation

State and local leaders are urging you to fill out the 2020 census report this spring.

  Top Ala. political stories of 2019

2019 was filled with an swarm of stories, some of which caught the eyes of people across the country. Here are some of the top stories in state politics.

  Ivey looks at 2019 accomplishments, 2020 expectations

Gov. Kay Ivey sat down for an interview to look back at 2019 and ahead to 2020.

Worley holds another election despite new chair already being elected

A group from the Alabama Democratic Party held a vote Saturday and reelected Nancy Worley and Randy Kelley as chair and vice chair despite a different election that was held on Nov. 2.

  Alabama Democratic Party dispute ends up in court

A Circuit Court Judge is considering whether to block a meeting scheduled by a faction within the Alabama Democratic Party to hold new leadership elections.

‘This is not the first time:’ Ala. resident hopes new law cuts down on litter

“It really makes me mad to see this kind of stuff because people think that they can come out in the rural areas and just dump anything they want to," McCartney said.

Alabama Rep. Rolanda Hollis arrested in Florida on domestic violence charge

An Alabama state lawmaker was arrested for domestic violence in Florida.

  ‘God is good’: Ala. Gov. Ivey grateful for early cancer diagnosis, ready to fight

After speaking at a ceremony in Fort Rucker, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey answered questions about her health.

  Gov. Ivey’s first cancer treatment went smoothly

A statement from Gov. Kay Ivey’s office says her first cancer treatment went smoothly. The statement goes on to say that she is back in Montgomery today and ready to return to work on Monday.

  Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announces she has lung cancer

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Governor Ivey responds to calls for resignation after blackface controversy

Some state lawmakers are calling on Governor Kay Ivey to step down after a radio interview from 1967 surfaced Thursday where Ivey’s then fiancé described Ivey was wearing blackface during a college sorority skit at Auburn University over 50 years ago.

  Ala. law aims to penalize people with fake service dogs

Federal law says you can’t ask someone what their disability is or require medical documentation for the dog or owner.

Gov. Ivey to host ceremonial bill signing

Gov. Kay Ivey will host a ceremonial bill signing on Monday for legislation passed during the 2019 legislative session.

New law tightens Alabama absentee voter requirements

The new legislation does several things.

New poll shows Alabama’s feelings on Gov. Ivey, Pres. Trump, abortion, Confederate monuments & Democratic candidates

President Trump's approval rating is holding steady, but Governor Ivey's sees a significant slip

  New law aims to minimize criminals’ profit off of violent crimes

Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law a bill that supporters say will “tip the scales” and help victims not re-live a crime all over again.

  SPECIAL SESSION: Prison reform likely to spark Gov. Ivey to call in lawmakers

The Department of Justice is putting pressure on lawmakers to address the state’s prison problems.

  Ala. Sen. Doug Jones reacts to Roy Moore’s second bid for Senate seat

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore announced Thursday he’ll make another run for the U.S. Senate.

  What’s important to know about Alabama’s new equal pay law

Alabama's new equal pay law goes into effect soon. It's geared at making salaries more fair in the workplace.

Gov. Ivey signs bill creating study commission on medical marijuana

Gov. Kay Ivey has signed into law the medical marijuana study commission bill.

Ala. governor signs chemical castration bill into law

The legislation requires anyone convicted of a sex crime with a child younger than 13 to undergo chemical castration as a condition of their parole.

  Clock ticking for passage of medical marijuana commission bill

The last day for the governor to sign the bill is June 10.

New Ala. law lets nurses work across state lines with compact license

A new Alabama law will allow nurses who don’t have an Alabama nursing license to work anyway with a multi-state license.

Ivey approves parole board reforms

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has approved legislation aimed at reforming the state's Board of Pardons and Paroles