Decision 2020

Dothan girl writes letter to Kamala Harris, “You are my role model”

Alabama’s congressional delegation reacts to storming of US Capitol

  Electoral votes certified in favor of Joe Biden

  Local political science expert explains laws around Congressional count of Electoral College votes

  Georgia Senate runoff race could determine Alabama’s political future

Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville joins 10 Senate Republicans in challenging Biden win

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  Alabama’s electors cast ballots for President Donald Trump on Monday

Alabama’s State Canvassing Board certifies November 3 election results

  Biden’s plea for cooperation confronts a polarized Congress

  Money to support Trump court fight could flow to president

  Political scientist talks about 2020 election

  Local attorney discusses Trump’s fight to keep the White House

Perdue, Loeffler call for Georgia Sec. of State to resign

The senators, in a joint statement, said the management of the state’s elections has “become an embarrassment for our state.”

  Sen. Doug Jones talks future, national voter fraud allegations and advice for Tuberville

After falling short to Tuberville on Election Day, Jones spoke with Gray News Network on Sunday.

Former U.S. President George W. Bush congratulates Biden and Harris

In his statement, Bush says he called Biden and thanked him for his “patriotic” message Saturday night. He also congratulated Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and President Donald Trump.

Alabama Secretary of State releases statement on 2020 Election

"I am proud that in Alabama, we continue to set a standard for election excellence through the hard work and dedication of our election officials at every level."

Georgia Sec. of State: Votes will be recounted

  Could Madison County be turning more blue?

  Voter turnout in Madison County slightly higher than the state average

  Why your polling location line may have been longer than expected

Alabama police officer appears to threaten Biden voters

Governor Ivey meets with Senator-Elect Tommy Tuberville

  Will Election Day lines impact COVID-19 numbers in Alabama?

It’s a trend we’ve seen throughout the pandemic - spikes in coronavirus cases following big events like 4th of July and Labor Day Weekend. So, is a sudden increase in cases likewise predicted now after Election Day?

  Politicians work to strike racist language from state Constitution

Lawmakers are now one step closer to getting rid of racist language in the Alabama State Constitution. This after the people voted on Amendment 4 on November 3rd to Recompile the state Constitution.

  Voting records across Alabama broken in November election

New Records in voter registration, absentee ballots requested, absentee ballots returned and overall turnout were all set on or before Nov. 3.

  Alabama approves five constitutional amendments

Five of the six special amendments on your ballot Tuesday ended up passing.

  DECISION 2020: Tuberville wins U.S. Senate Seat in Alabama; National vote counts continue

Stay tuned to this page all night to see livestreams from the major candidates, updated results from each race and photos submitted by voters across the Tennessee Valley.

Absentee ballots processed earlier this year

Absentee ballots processed earlier this year

Tuberville wins Alabama U.S. Senate race

Tommy Tuberville has defeated incumbent Doug Jones to take Alabama’s U.S Senate seat.

  First-time voter hits the polls in the Shoals

First-time voter hits the polls in the Shoals

Elementary school students vote in mock elections

At Montview Elementary School in Huntsville, students participated in a mock election. The mock election provided students the opportunity to learn about the election process and cast their ballots for president.

Election Toolbox 2020: sample ballots, amendment details, where to vote & submit your polling line photos

WAFF 48 has compiled a list of resources to assist voters in the state of Alabama in the final hours leading up to the closing of polls on Tuesday evening.

Alabama Secretary of State predicts record voter turnout for 2020 Election Day

“Of the state’s 3.7 million eligible voters, our office anticipates somewhere between 2.5 and 2.8 million Alabamians will cast their ballot in today’s election."

  COVID precautions to expect at the polls

Like everything else, Election Day is looking different this year due to COVID-19. Here are a few changes you can expect at the polls.

Should voters get tested after heading to the polls?

With the large crowds expected, long periods of time in those crowds, and shared spaces WBRC asked Dr. Landers if voters should head to the nearest testing site after voting.

  Election results more delayed than ever

Many will be heading to the polls on Tuesday. But after the polls close, we can’t expect results right away; especially with this election being described as unprecedented.

  On your side: Black female voters share issues that matter to them

It’s clear, the black vote will be critical for politicians on both sides for this election.

  Town of Ruth will see new fire district fee on the ballot

Voters in Ruth are being asked to approve a fire district fee.

  New President of Huntsville City Council elected

District 3 Councilwoman Jennie Robinson is the new president for the Huntsville City Council with a three to two vote.

  Legal armies ready if cloudy election outcome heads to court

Both sides say they’re ready, with thousands of lawyers on standby to march into court to make sure ballots get counted, or excluded.

  No delay expected in Alabama election results

“In Alabama, on November 3, we will know who won our state,” says Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill.

  Madison County absentee election manager’s staff tripled to count record-breaking ballots

Madison County Circuit Clerk Debra Kizer said 25 people have been hired just to help count absentee ballots on Election Day.

  Congressman Brooks: protesters arrested at Trump rally for trying to set up speakers

Congressman Mo Brooks tells us several people were arrested during a Trump rally on Sunday for trying to set up their own speakers.

  ‘Republican Support Gathering’ happening today at Big Spring Park

On Sunday at Big Spring Park, people will gather to show support for President Trump, Tommy Tuberville, local officials and law enforcement ahead of Election Day on November 3rd.

How secure are Alabama voting results?

After hackers hit a technology company who helps some states aggregate and release election results, we're investigating how Alabama makes sure your vote is counted and reported accurately.

Alabama voters with COVID-19 can cast emergency absentee ballots

Alabama voters who contract COVID-19 in the days leading up to the general election may be able to cast an emergency absentee ballot.

Virtual forum on informed voting to be held Thursday night

The Northwest-Shoals Community College Alpha Zeta Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is partnering with the University of North Alabama’s Political Science Department to host the seminar “Conscious and Informed Voting in a Post-Truth World.”

Thursday is the last day to apply for an absentee ballot

Today is the LAST day to apply for an absentee ballot.

  Will Alabama adopt early voting?

We’re already seeing long lines at absentee windows, and we’re expecting huge lines at the polls on Tuesday...

  Probate Judge says have a plan and expect a wait for any type of in person voting

Madison County Probate Judge Frank Barger said on a usual election year they get around 10,000 absentee ballots in Madison County. This year, Barger expects 40,000.

  Alabama requires employers to give some employees an hour to vote

If you work from 8a.m. to 6:30 p.m., state law says your boss has to let you leave work at during your shift to go to the polls. But they only have to give you an hour. Some worry that won't be enough next Tuesday.

Is it legal to switch from absentee to in-person voting in Alabama after you’ve requested an absentee ballot?

After an appeals court ruling made hundreds if not thousands of mail-in absentee ballots invalid and as the state scrambled to get the issue corrected, some folks wanted to switch their voter status from absentee to in-person on Election Day.

Trump, Biden hit battleground Pennsylvania amid pandemic

The final days of the campaign are crystalizing the starkly different approaches Trump and Biden have taken to address the worst public health crisis in a century — with risks for each candidate.

  Alabama’s Senators weigh in on potential confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Democrats continue to push the message they have since Barrett’s nomination, which is that it shouldn’t have happened until after the November election.

Morgan County Courthouse open Saturday for absentee voting

The Morgan County Courthouse will be open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. today for absentee voting.

  November 3 ballot will include proposed amendments to Alabama’s constitution

These final two amendments would enhance stand your ground laws at churches in both Franklin County and Lauderdale County.

  Records for voter turnout being broken left and right ahead of Nov. 3

Secretary of State John Merrill said, as of Tuesday, Oct. 20, more than 205,000 absentee ballots have been requested and more than 135,000 of those have been returned.

  Open carry of guns at polling locations: What voters need to know

Madison County Probate Judge Frank Barger says the majority of polling locations are on private property and already have policies in place prohibiting weapons.

  Poll watchers in the 2020 general election: What to expect in Madison County

In a general election, each recognized political party is allowed to have one poll watcher inside a polling location at any given time.

Doug Jones, Tommy Tuberville ads spark debate

We are just two weeks away from Election Day, and candidates are trying to capture your vote and your attention.

  ‘Trump’ painted on Morgan Co. woman’s car after putting out Democrat campaign signs

A Morgan County woman woke up to find her car tagged and signs supporting Joe Biden and Doug Jones covered in paint.

Court keeps absentee ballot rules, allows curbside voting

The stay came after Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill appealed the ruling that loosened absentee ballot rules. He called the ruling a “win for the people of Alabama.”

Andy Betterton wins Florence mayoral race

The results are in for the Florence mayoral race.

  Curbside voting will not be offered in North Alabama

The main reason? We are told there is not enough time to implement curbside voting and ensure ballot integrity.

Sample Ballots for November 3 General Election

Take a look at your county’s sample ballot before heading to the polls.

  RESULTS: Municipal runoff elections across the Tennessee Valley

The Tennessee Valley has a number of voters heading to the polls for runoff elections on October 6.

  Huntsville infectious disease expert talks Trump’s treatment and recovery

Huntsville Hospital infectious disease expert Dr. Ali Hassoun said he uses some of the same treatments given to President Trump on patients here in North Alabama.

  How to get a photo ID to vote

If you don’t have a photo ID, there are several FREE ways you can get one in Alabama.

  Decatur nonprofit to offer rides to the polls

New Way Out, a nonprofit organization, will be offering rides to the mayoral runoff election on Tuesday as well as the presidential election on November 3.

Judge orders changes to Alabama voting laws amid pandemic

A federal court issued a ruling intended to better protect voters’ health amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Where to find help with your absentee ballot and how to check the status of your vote

If you’re wanting to vote absentee, help will be available for you.

  Close to 200 people come out to Trump rally in Athens

A crowd came to the Limestone County Convention Center Thursday night to rally for the reelection of President Trump.

  Making sure your absentee ballot counts

A mistake that could just cost you your vote. Our crews took a look into the absentee voting process and common mistakes people make when filling out the form.

  About 16K absentee ballots returned so far for November election

There are 42 days until the November election.

  Church leader speaks out on statewide Stand Your Ground amendment

Voters to decide fate of Amendment 5, 6 November 3rd

  Local Huntsville church holds drive up voter registration

There is a drive through registration drive from Noon to 3 p.m. at Progressive Union Missionary Baptist Church in Huntsville on Saturday.

How to vote absentee this election season

The Alabama Secretary of State Office provides information online such as dates, addresses, eligibility, county guidelines and more.

  November 3 ballot will include amendments to Alabama’s constitution

Here’s a break down of what you need to know about Amendments 1 and 2.

  Sheffield mayoral race decided by one vote

In one north Alabama town, one vote was the difference in the mayor's race.

  Huntsville City Council race heads to a runoff

The Huntsville City Council has tentatively set a special session for Monday morning to count provisional ballots from the Municipal election.