Ask the Experts: Everyday Tips from Local Businesses

WAFF's Ask the Experts
WAFF's Ask the Experts

Welcome to WAFF’s Ask the Experts resource page!

Visit this page each week for new tips from local businesses on topics such as your pets and your plants.

Tips for your pets from Pet Depot:

Giving back to shelters

Keeping your pets hydrated

Dental health tips for your pets

Tips for taking care of your aquarium

Tips for pet adoption

Weight management tips for your pets

Water safety tips from Pet Depot

Grooming tips from the experts at Pet Depot

Tips for battling fleas and ticks on your pets

Tips for new kitten care from Pet Depot

Tips for helping pets with anxiety

Tips for your plants from Bennett Nurseries:

Using cuttings to root new plants

Learning about hibiscus plants

Building a pot of flowers

Tips for planting your garden

Tips for fruit plants from Bennett Nurseries

What to know about Geraniums from the experts at Bennett Nurseries

Tips on herb planting and maintenance from Bennett Nurseries

Learn more about Hostas from Bennett Nurseries

A lesson on Hydrangeas from Bennett Nurseries

What to know about tomato and pepper plants from Bennett Nurseries

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