Overprocessed foods add 500 calories to your diet every day, causing weight gain

A shocking 61% of American adults get their total diet from ultraprocessed foods, according to the study published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

  Reports: Iran quadruples production of enriched uranium

  Texas transgender woman seen in videotaped attack found dead

  FCC chairman backs T-Mobile-Sprint deal in key endorsement

  ‘Game of Thrones': Water bottles join coffee cup in guest-starring roles

  Son moves up wedding so dying mom can attend

  Ford sees twisting road ahead, cuts 7,000 white-collar jobs

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Man exposed himself to 2 young boys, police say

$12 million worth of cocaine bound for US seized in Guatemala

  GA toddler dies after ‘heinous’ child abuse

Eiffel Tower closed after intruder tries to climb up

Celeb chef José Andrés calls fired cafeteria worker a ‘hero,’ says he has job openings

  Speaker stuns 2019 Morehouse grads, to pay off student debt for entire class

  Police officer designs new shoe to help first responders battling PTSD

Some proceeds from the shoe will go to The Code 9 Project, which focuses on getting all first responders and their families the training and support needed to help with post-traumatic stress disorder. Source: KGAN, HONOR AND RESPECT LLC, CODE 9 PROJECT, FACEBOOK, CNN)

WATCH LIVE: Day 5 of trial for SC man accused of 2014 murder of his 5 children

The fifth day of Timothy Jones, Jr., trial begins at 9 a.m. Monday.

  Two men charged after one urinates on memorial for N.J. boy who died of cancer, police say

Police charged two men after an investigation into a “disturbing” video that showed one suspect laughing as he urinated on a memorial for a 9-year-old boy who died of cancer.

And the winner of the ‘Game of Thrones’ is ...

While the results of the game were a split decision as they were in most other episodes in the show's eight seasons — the finale brought some clear winners, at least one clear loser, and a major upset.

  Sweden requests detention order for WikiLeaks’ Assange

1 dead, 8 shot at high school graduation party in Alabama

  Mother struck, dragged by own vehicle after son puts it in reverse, Mass. police say

Amid #MeToo, states debate teaching consent to kids

  Hero coach vows to help solve gun violence after tackling would-be school shooter in Oregon

11 people reported killed in gun attack at bar in Brazil

  Stray bullet struck 7-year-old as he slept in car

Kamirion has undergone several surgeries and could need more.

  Man charged in abduction of 8-year-old Texas girl

Police say 51-year-old Michael Webb was arrested on an aggravated kidnapping charge. He is being held without bond.

Bomb hits tourist bus near Egypt’s Giza Pyramids, wounds 16

Egypt has battled Islamic militants for years in the Sinai Peninsula in an insurgency that has occasionally spilled over to the mainland, hitting minority Christians or tourists.

Van passenger impaled by tripod on California freeway

The man survived but with broken ribs and a partially punctured lung.

‘Baby Shark’ could help save lives, as middle schoolers learn to perform CPR to song

The catchy and popular tune “Baby Shark” helped make sure the students' chest compressions stayed on beat.

  Michigan GOP congressman says Trump conduct is ‘impeachable’

The congressman is the first member of Trump's party on Capitol Hill to accuse him of engaging in "impeachable conduct," stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

  8-year-old’s girl lip, cheek torn open in attack by dog visiting Calif. classroom

The 8-year-old’s family is taking legal action against the school district in hopes of banning dogs from classrooms.

Biden rejects Democrats’ anger in call for national unity

Facing thousands of voters in his native Pennsylvania for the second time as a 2020 contender, the former vice president offered a call for bipartisan unity that seemed far more aimed at a general election audience than the fiery Democratic activists most active in the presidential primary process.

Should Arabic numerals be taught in schools? Most Americans say no

CEO John Dick called the results “the saddest and funniest testament to American bigotry” CivicScience has seen in its results.

  Attorney: Abused clients were Ohio State football players

Dayton attorney Michael Wright said the abuse happened during required physical examinations at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center and during treatment for injuries and ailments by Dr. Richard Strauss at his off-campus clinic and at his home, where he insisted they be seen.

  Man charged after authorities find $200K in stolen property hidden in ‘sophisticated’ tunnel system

Timothy Painter Jr. is charged with grand larceny and eight counts of possessing stolen goods. Deputies found construction equipment, lawnmowers, tools and cars hidden inside the tunnels.

  Racist robocall defends murder suspect who intervened in hit-and-run

The robocall paid for by a white supremacist group, calls for the freedom on Hanna Payne.

Arnold Schwarzenegger fine after ‘idiot’ kicks him at event

The Terminator said he didn’t even realize he'd been attacked.

  Boy stabbed with discarded needle while playing on elementary school ground

Amanda Armijo, the boy’s mother, said she's upset someone would toss a needle in a place hundreds of children play. Her son now has to endure months of medication.

Another horse dies at Santa Anita Park, 24th since December

The park’s director said the horse suffered a severe shoulder injury, and was then euthanized.

  1 year after Santa Fe shooting, Texas shuns tougher gun laws

Texas lawmakers are on the brink of not passing any new gun restrictions a year after one of the deadliest high school mass shootings in U.S. history.

US warns airliners flying in Persian Gulf amid Iran tensions

U.S. diplomats warned Saturday that commercial airliners flying over the wider Persian Gulf faced a risk of being "misidentified" amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

  California girls at slumber party fight off nude intruder

Police said two 10-year-old girls having a slumber party fought off a naked man who broke into a California home through a window and sexually assaulted them. A suspect was arrested.

  Video shows robber disarming officer, holding her at gunpoint in Verizon store

Surveillance video shows a terrifying robbery at a Verizon Wireless store in Houston, Texas.

Saturday is National Learn to Swim Day

National Learn to Swim Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May, just before the Memorial Day holiday and the unofficial start of summer.

  Eat well, exercise more: New guidelines to reduce risk of dementia

Some 3 million Americans each year are diagnosed with a form of dementia. It’s a condition that can be managed, but not cured.

  Newborn struck in head as Florida man live streamed crimes in Walgreens, police say

Greenlee wound up in the healthcare wing of the Pinellas County Jail, facing charges for child abuse, resisting arrest and battery.

Kim Kardashian West reveals Psalm as new baby’s name

The baby is their second boy and the second to be born via surrogate because of a potentially life-threatening medical condition that complicated Kardashian West's two pregnancies.

Trump administration rejects subpoena for tax returns

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a letter that he will not comply with a subpoena from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal for six years of Trump's tax returns because the request "lacks a legitimate legislative purpose."

  Bear in tree captivates neighborhood for hours

The 130-pound black bear lead police through several streets and backyards metropolitan Boston before climbing up a tree and finding a limb to lounge on.

Alaska state legislator introduces bill criminalizing abortion

Under the proposed HB178 the intentional taking of human life “before, during, or after birth” is not protected by a right to privacy under the Alaska State Constitution, thus classifying abortion as murder.

  Parent banned after video appears to show her trying to trip player

Shocking video captures the moment a parent sitting court side appears to stick out her leg to trip a player from the competing team.

Cafeteria worker says she lost job for giving boy free lunch

Bonnie Kimball said she was terminated March 28 by her employer a day after she gave a student lunch, even though he couldn't pay for it.

Officer quits after pulling gun on black man picking up trash

City officials said the investigation could not prove that the officer, John Smyly, acted because of Zayd Atkinson's race. Investigators found Smyly violated two department policies: police authority and public trust and conduct, the city attorney said.

  East Coast couple heads back to Idaho Shopko where they met before the store closes

The couple said it was emotional walking through the store where they met, knowing it was going to close.

  Native American student not allowed to walk at graduation because of traditionally decorated cap

LaRissa Waln stood outside while the rest of her classmates received their diplomas. The ACLU interceded on her behalf but that was not enough.

  Prosecutor: Mom plotted to kill pregnant woman, steal baby

One of the suspects pried Marlen Ochoa-Lopez's fingers from the cord while her mother continued to strangle the teen, according to prosecutors.

  ‘She looks exactly like me!’: Woman finds long lost father after more than 30 years

Bob Castiglione and his daughter Quila Castiglione met for the first time in 2017.

You can stay on the Spice Girls bus: It’s listed on Airbnb

The original Spice Bus from the 1997 movie “Spice Word” can be booked for a very limited time this summer.

  Man finds 7-foot snake slithering into dryer in Okla.

After the vent was snake free, Wayne Melvin threw some gloves on and carried the snake to the creek behind his house, letting it go back where it belonged.

  Missouri’s GOP-led legislature passes 8-week abortion ban

Missouri's Republican-led House on Friday passed sweeping legislation designed to survive court challenges, which would ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy.

Washington County, Fla., hacked by Russians in 2016, report says

The Post reported that Washington County, a small northern Florida county made up of about 25,000 people, had been breached in 2016.

  House approves sweeping bill to expand gay rights

Dubbed the Equality Act, the bill is a top priority of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said it will bring the nation "closer to equal liberty and justice for all."

‘Shocking’: Ohio State doc abused 177, officials were aware

Dr. Richard Strauss groped or ogled young men while treating athletes from at least 16 sports and working at the student health center and his off-campus clinic, investigators from a law firm hired by the university found.

‘Caine Mutiny,’ ‘Winds of War’ author Herman Wouk has died

He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1952 for "The Caine Mutiny," the classic Navy drama that made Captain Queeg a symbol of authority gone mad. He adapted his two-part war epic into a highly rated TV miniseries that aired in the 1980s.

  Colo. high school cancels graduation ceremony over security dispute

The school said it tried to get security help from the city's police force, but they only agreed to supply two officers. Police said that's because the charter school refused to sign a standard contract.

  Student’s Jesus Christ ‘boomerang’ quote may prompt change in yearbook policy

School officials are looking into how the quote made it into the final yearbook.

Tons of plastic litter found on remote islands in Indian Ocean

Although it's home to only about 500 people, the beaches are littered with 238 tons of plastic that's washed up.

  Minneapolis considers drive-thru window ban

The city’s planning commission said banning drive-thru’s will reduce carbon emissions made by idling cars.

  Dog dies after falling into lake filled with toxic algae

Clue died on Mother’s Day after falling into Anderson Lake in Chimacum, Wash. Michael Moore, the father of the dog's owner, is now warning others of the dangers of blue-green algae.

  Trump says he hopes for no war as US-Iran tensions escalate

The tone contrasted with a series of moves by the U.S. and Iran that have sharply escalated tensions in the Middle East in recent days.

  Internet sensation Grumpy Cat has died

Grumpy Cat, the iconic cranky-looking feline, died Tuesday, according to the cat’s official Twitter account.

US: Flynn described efforts to interfere with cooperation

Meanwhile, the judge in the case ordered that portions of special counsel Robert Mueller's report that relate to Flynn be unredacted and made public by the end of the month.

Hopewell adopts year-round school for entire district

The new schedule will begin in the summer of 2020, and will be the first of it’s kind in the state.

SC mother charged in 30-year-old case of 2nd dead, abandoned infant

Brook Graham is accussed of abondoned two infants in consecutive years - 1989 and 1990. She faces child neglect and murder charges.

  Loved to death: Is euthanizing pets to be buried with dead owners OK?

A Chesterfield woman put in her will that her beloved dog should be put down upon her death so its remains can be buried with her.

NYPD used Woody Harrelson photo to find lookalike beer thief, report says

The report says security footage of the thief was too pixelated and produced no matches while high-quality images of Harrelson, a three-time Oscar nominee, returned several possible matches and led to one arrest.

Friday is National Bike to Work Day

One of the older national days, it was started in 1955 by the League of American Bicyclists.

  Teacher arrested after planting live ammo in school to prove point about metal detectors, police say

A teacher in Massachusetts was arrested after allegedly leaving a bullet in his school building’s stairwell to prove the school needed to get metal detectors.

  F-16 fighter crashes into California warehouse, pilot ejects

An F-16 fighter jet crashed Thursday into a warehouse just outside March Air Reserve Base in California, sending a dozen people to hospitals for evaluation after they were exposed to debris, authorities said.

Facebook, Tweet and Insta for royalty: The queen is hiring a social media manager

What would it pay to work for the royal family? This position pays an annual salary of about £30,000, which equals a little more than $38,000, depending on your experience.

I.M. Pei, architect who designed the Louvre Pyramid and added elegant buildings to landscapes worldwide, dies at age 102

Pei's works ranged from the trapezoidal addition to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., to the chiseled towers of the National Center of Atmospheric Research that blend in with the reddish mountains in Boulder, Colorado.

  California mom confronts daughter’s bullies in the classroom, gets banned from school

The mother said that although the school suspended one of the bullies, her daughter was being harassed more than before, even saying she had thought about suicide.