Crime Stoppers

  Crime Stoppers: Shoplifter fakes phone call to steal from store

Huntsville police hope you can help them find a shoplifting suspect.

  Crime Stoppers: BMX bike stolen outside Huntsville coffee shop

  Crime Stoppers: Man steals tools from north Huntsville property

  Crime Stoppers: $1,700 in money orders forged into wrong account

Crime Stoppers: Car, identity theft suspect identified

  Crime Stoppers: 2 sought after pickup truck stolen outside Huntsville business

  Crime Stoppers: Man breaks into Huntsville Recovery Center

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  Crime Stoppers: Duo shoplifts $900 in merchandise from Office Depot

Crime Stoppers: Dollar General shoplifting suspect identified

  Crime Stoppers: Fraudulent credit card used at Huntsville Home Depot

  Crime Stoppers: Car hauler stolen from customization business

  Crime Stoppers: Stolen card used at Huntsville Home Depot

  Crime Stoppers: 2 sought after fraudulent debit cards used around Huntsville

  Crime Stoppers: Man steals phone during Huntsville bar altercation

Huntsville police say an altercation at a bar gave someone cover to pull off a crime.

  Crime Stoppers: Suspect accessed victim’s credit card via cellphone

Huntsville police say a woman's credit card was used to load up gift cards at Walmart.

  Crime Stoppers: Man steals rent money from Huntsville apartment complex

Surveillance video shows him taking money orders from the office mailbox.

  Help Huntsville police find a burglary suspect

Items stolen include cash and cigarettes

  Crime Stoppers: Parkway Place Mall purse snatcher sought

  Crime Stoppers: Customer steals wallet from Huntsville tire store

  Crime Stoppers: Duo flees Huntsville store with loaded shopping cart

  Crime Stoppers: Arsonist sought after several fires set in Huntsville

  Crime Stoppers: Man robs Huntsville store while pretending to shop

  Crime Stoppers: Search for suspect in identity theft case

  Crime Stoppers: Customer offers counterfeit cash at Dollar General

Police say a man tried to use a phony $50 bill at the Dollar General on Old Railroad Bed Road on Jan. 31.

Crime Stoppers: Purse stolen at Huntsville Olive Garden

Police say a woman’s purse was stolen during a family celebration at Olive Garden on University Drive.

  Crime Stoppers: Walmart shoplifting suspect identified

Police were not able to identify him until now. Police are working to get a warrant.

  Crime Stoppers: Credit card thief spends over $4K at Apple Store

Police say while someone was working out at the YMCA on Holmes Avenue, the offender stole his credit cards from his locker.

  Crime Stoppers: Man opens cellphone accounts using stolen identity

Huntsville police hope you can help identify a suspect in a case involving a stolen identity and stolen phones.

  Crime Stoppers: Suspects still sought after tungsten metal powder stolen in Huntsville

Police say the suspects stole 24 17-gallon barrels of tungsten metal powder worth $186,000.

Crime Stoppers: Valley’s Wanted

Every week, Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers asks for your tips in finding the men and women showcased in Valley’s Wanted. Your tips, which can be kept anonymous, could be worth a $1,000 reward. You can submit a tip online or call authorities at 256-53-CRIME.

  Crime Stoppers: Man runs out of Huntsville store with stolen laptop

Police say a man stole a laptop from Office Depot on University Drive on July 29.

  Crime Stoppers: Credit card thieves go on Apple shopping spree

Huntsville police say a man and woman spent more than $13,000 at the Apple Store using stolen credit cards.

  Crime Stoppers: 2 men force Huntsville woman into her home to rob her

Huntsville police need help identifying two robbery suspects.

  Crime Stoppers: Thieves steal thousands in clothes from mall department store

Huntsville police say two offenders walked into Belk at Parkway Place Mall and stole armloads of clothes.

  Crime Stoppers: Tire thief cuts through Huntsville car dealership’s fence

A burglar cut his way through a fence at Woody Anderson Ford on Jordan Lane.

  Crime Stoppers: Credit card numbers accessed via cellphone

Huntsville police say a man illegally used stolen credit card numbers at the Sparkman Drive Walmart.

  Crime Stoppers: Thousands spent with credit cards stolen at Huntsville restaurants

Police say a woman's wallet was taken and her credit cards were used shortly after to buy thousands of dollars of merchandise all over Huntsville.

  Crime Stoppers: Woman stocks up on cigarettes with stolen debit card

Video surveillance showed a woman using the victim’s card to buy many cartons of cigarettes.

  Crime Stoppers: Bogus cashier’s check for over $27K used at Huntsville store

Police say a man and a woman bought a stump grinder and trailer with a fraudulent cashier’s check for more than $27,000.

  Crime Stoppers: Thieves hit Huntsville construction company

Police are asking for help finding two people they say stole a lot of equipment from a Huntsville business.

  Crime Stoppers: Suspect rummaged through unlocked cars in Huntsville neighborhood

Huntsville police say someone has been searching cars for things to steal.

  Crime Stoppers: Woman still sought in ‘pigeon drop’ scam

Huntsville police are trying to find a woman suspected in a “pigeon drop” scam.

  Crime Stoppers: Man forged checks stolen from car at Huntsville apartment complex

Police say a man stole a checkbook out of someone’s car at Imperial Gardens Apartments in Huntsville. Investigators say he then forged several checks at a local bank.

  Man allegedly broke into car, stole credit cards outside Huntsville Kroger

Huntsville police say a man broke into a customer’s car at the Kroger store on Oakwood Avenue.

  Crime Stoppers: Suspect creates credit cards with victim’s info

Police say someone used the victim’s information at different locations in Madison.

  Crime Stoppers: ‘Porch pirate’ hits south Huntsville neighborhood

Not long after the mail carrier dropped off a package at a front door on Breckenridge Drive, someone snatched it and slipped away.

  Crime Stoppers: Man steals victim’s identity, credit card info

Huntsville police say a man made several charges with the victim’s credit card while the victim still had the credit card in their possession.

  Crime Stoppers: Man robs, fights customer at Huntsville gas station

Huntsville police say they need your help to find a suspect who tried to use brute force to rob a man.

  Crime Stoppers: Thieves go on Apple shopping spree with stolen credit card

Shortly after a woman's wallet was stolen, she got a notification that someone used her credit card to charge more than $5,000 at the Apple Store at Bridge Street.

  Huntsville police asking for help to solve 9-year-old cold case

Investigators are working to solve the nearly decades-old murder of Herbert Gray.

  Crime Stoppers: 3 sought after unlocked cars burglarized at Huntsville apartment complex

Huntsville police say three males walked around the parking lot pulling on car door handles at Brookhaven Apartments.

  Crime Stoppers: Shoppers steal wallet from checkout at Huntsville Home Depot

Huntsville police say a man left his wallet at the self-checkout at Home Depot. Two men with small children at the next checkout noticed.

  Crime Stoppers: Pair deposits bogus checks to steal money

Huntsville police need help identifying two people they say used fake checks to steal thousands of dollars from Redstone Federal Credit Union.

  Crime Stoppers: Attempted burglary suspect sought in Huntsville

Police say the offender drove up to a home on Wade Road in Huntsville, then tried to open a shed at the end of the driveway.

  Crime Stoppers: Thieves drive off with stolen trailer in north Huntsville

Police say the suspects backed a pickup truck into a driveway on Winchester Road, hooked up the homeowner’s trailer, and drove off in broad daylight.

Crime Stoppers: Car burglars sought after hitting NW Huntsville neighborhood

Surveillance video from Carson Lane in the Rutledge Heights neighborhood show several males searching for unlocked cars.

  Crime Stoppers: More than $1,300 in merchandise shoplifted from south Huntsville store

Police say a man tried to get away with a lot of stolen merchandise from T.J.Maxx on Airport Road.

  Crime Stoppers: Woman used different IDs to cash over $12K in fraudulent checks

Police say a woman pulled a fraudulent check con at two Redstone Federal Credit Union branches.

  Crime Stoppers: Fraudulent credit card numbers used at Huntsville businesses

According to Huntsville police, on June 15, the victim noticed several fraudulent credit card transactions on his Wells Fargo card.

  Crime Stoppers: Wallet stolen from vehicle in NW Huntsville

Huntsville police need your help identifying a theft suspect who’s been at large for several months.

  Crime Stoppers: Suspect sought in Huntsville business break-in

According to police, the offender busted out the window with a rock to get inside, then stole a camera and a laptop.

  Crime Stoppers: Bicycle stolen from Huntsville pawn shop

Huntsville police say someone broke into A to Z Pawn on New Year's Day.

  Crime Stoppers: Shoplifter pulls knife on store security at Huntsville Walmart

Huntsville police are looking for an accused shoplifter.

  Crime Stoppers: Car burglary suspect sought in Huntsville

Police say on May 13, someone broke into a vehicle on Knollbrook Drive.

  Crime Stoppers: Suspect took victim’s ID by stealing mail

According to police, the suspect used the information to make a fake driver’s license with the victim’s photo, then tried to buy something at Costco.

  Crime Stoppers: Information still sought in year-old Huntsville murder case

Huntsville police say they really need your help to solve a murder case that is now more than one year old.

  Crime Stoppers: Store vendor’s car, purse stolen while working

Police say the vendor put her keys in her shopping cart while she worked. The offender took the keys from the cart and left the store.

Crime Stoppers: Huntsville police searching for counterfeit cash suspect

Huntsville police are trying to solve a counterfeit caper.

Huntsville police searching for woman suspected of trying to cash stolen checks

Huntsville police investigators are trying to identify a woman caught on camera at a Huntsville credit union.

  Crime Stoppers: Grocery thief foiled by shopping cart wheels

Huntsville police say a Kroger customer tried to make off with nearly $600 worth of groceries, but he didn’t get far.

  Crime Stoppers: Rental car, purse stolen at Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center

Huntsville police say the victim’s rental car keys was stolen out of a locker and the rental car was stolen from the parking lot of Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center.

Crime Stoppers: Apartment visitor becomes theft suspect

Huntsville police say a visitor to an apartment complex off North Memorial Parkway turned into a suspect in early February.

  CRIME STOPPERS: Suspect swipes wallet from Huntsville Aldi and goes on shopping spree

Police are reminding you to hang on to your cash and credit cards tightly. A man told Huntsville police, after shopping at this Aldi’s grocery store, he noticed he didn’t have his wallet. When he returned to the store, it wasn’t there.

2 sought after almost $6K charged on credit card stolen at Huntsville store

Huntsville police need help identifying two suspects in an illegal shopping spree.

  Crime Stoppers: Bat-wielding pawn shop burglars still sought

Two people were caught on camera using a baseball bat to break into A Pawn on Blue Spring Road in Huntsville on Aug. 30, 2018.

  4 sought in downtown Huntsville restaurant burglary

Video cameras gave police a good look at four men accused of burglarizing Humphrey’s Bar and Grill.

  Mini-excavator stolen from Huntsville construction site

Huntsville police are searching for the person who stole a mini-excavator during the weekend of Feb. 2-3.

  Identity theft suspects sought in Huntsville

Huntsville police are trying to identify two men who used someone else's identity to go on a home improvement shopping spree.

  Driver still sought in fatal hit-and-run in Decatur

Decatur Police are hoping that by finding the right car, they can find the person who hit and killed Ricardo Brown on Oct. 28, 2018.

  Man sought after safe stolen from Madison hotel

Police say the man stole a safe from Best Western on Madison Boulevard on Jan. 19.

  Crime Stoppers: 2 women sought in counterfeit money investigation

Huntsville police are searching for two women in a counterfeit money investigation.