Space and NASA

  FBI, U.S. Space and Rocket Center join to support U.S. Cyber Camp

Leaders from the FBI and U.S. Space and Rocket Center came together on Wednesday morning to enter a joint agreement in support of U.S. Cyber Camp.

Astronauts emerge from shelter after ‘avoidance maneuver’ successful

  U.S. Space & Rocket Center offers new behind the scenes experiences

UAH professor earns NASA achievement medal

  ULA awarded billions in Pentagon rocket contracts

U.S. Space and Rocket Center breaks world record

  More workers returning to Marshall Space Flight Center

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  Fundraiser for Space and Rocket Center exceeds $1.2 million

  Space Camp suspended starting in September

  Funeral today for NASA’s “Engine Man” who helped put man on the moon

  Instrumental space flight figure Alex McCool passes away

Comet NEOWISE visible the next few nights across the Tennessee Valley

  Huntsville company developing cheaper ways to launch rockets

‘Start Your Engines’: Astronaut to give command to Talladega drivers 250 miles above Earth

Astronaut Doug Hurley will serve as the Grand Marshal for the GEICO 500.

Learn more about the upcoming SpaceX Demo-2 ISS mission

Watch the Live stream at 9 a.m.

Teledyne Brown, UAH, MSFC to work on NASA mission study for ISS

According to a news release from Teledyne Brown, the selected teams are to perform work over the next year to prepare for a final down-select determined by NASA Headquarters Science Mission Directorate.

  Dynetics among 3 companies designing next lunar lander

The Huntsville-based manufacturer joins two other companies awarded a NASA contract to work on lunar landers for the Artemis moon missions.

Dynetics chosen to develop NASA’s Artemis Human Lunar Landing System

SpaceX Starlink Satellites Visible for the Tennessee Valley tonight

Marshall Space Flight Center employee has coronavirus

  WATCH: Want to be an astronaut? NASA is hiring!

  UAH professor is investigator for new solar orbiter

  Starliner misses orbit during launch debut

  Boeing rolls out Starliner ahead of test flight

Boeing’s Starliner is another step closer to sending astronauts to space from American soil.

  Take 10 for Public Education Survey

Take 10 for Public Education Survey

  Dynetics aerospace facility opens in Decatur

North Alabama’s latest aerospace complex is open for business.

Final DELTA IV launched at Cape Canaveral

ULA is retiring the Decatur rocket, and replacing it with the Vulcan rocket.

  NASA leaders, astronauts tour Arab High School

Some special guests visited Arab High School and met with students in the robotics club.

  Marshall Space Flight Center taking lead on next manned lunar lander

The Marshall Space Flight Center will take the lead role in managing the next spacecraft that will fly to the moon.

  Inside ULA: Update on Vulcan rocket production

A team of more than 800 people is working hard every day at United Launch Alliance in Decatur to get its newest Vulcan rocket off the ground.

Huntsville native to manage lander program to send humans back to moon

A 30-year NASA veteran engineer and manager at Marshall Space Flight Center will play a key role in sending humans back to the moon.

  Huntsville’s Apollo 11 press impostor also owns land on the moon

Sarah Wilkinson Hereford scored a deed to her little piece of land on the moon on the sea of tranquility.

  Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: People of Apollo

Phil Sumrall was a junior engineer working at the Dynamic Test Stand.He worked to verify the flight worthiness of the Saturn 5.

  Florence man recounts his role in getting Apollo 11 to the moon

Jim Traglia of Florence spent much of his life as a Rocket Engine Specialist

  Moon rover replica shines spotlight on space innovation in Huntsville

To mark the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, a group in Huntsville worked on a special project to recreate the Lunar Roving Vehicle.

  Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin honored at U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Buzz Aldrin received an award for his service in the the realm of space exploration.

  Madison man’s moon photo featured on new postage stamp

Greg Revera is getting a new life as an image on a stamp for the United States Postal Service..

  Apollo 11 50th anniversary highlights Huntsville’s space legacy

The Apollo 11 50th anniversary is being celebrated in many ways in Huntsville this week! The Rocket City played a key role in the mission. As we remember the past, many are preparing for the future of space exploration.

  Marshall Space Flight Center: past, present, future

Marshall Space Flight Center’s Jody Singer says the SLS is going to back to the moon and on to Mars and will be ready in the not-too-distant future.

  Apollo celebration dinner joyful, but at times in the dark

Hundreds gathered to honor the men and women who crafted the Saturn V rocket.

  Huntsville woman impersonated reporter to see Apollo 11 launch

A Huntsville woman came up with a different way to watch the Apollo 11 launch.

  Memorial fountain will honor NASA retirees

Former Marshall Space Flight Center employees will be honored with a new memorial fountain at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

  U.S. Space & Rocket Center launches 5,000 model rockets to break world record

On Tuesday morning, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center launched 5,000 model rockets simultaneously to break a Guinness Book of World Records.

  VIDEO: Chaos as dozens of shots fired in Montgomery parking lot

Police believe a video of a shooting that is spreading on social media was recorded Monday night in Montgomery.

NASA is letting you send your name to Mars

NASA is giving the public an opportunity to send their names - stenciled on chips - aboard the Mars 2020 rover.

  Former acting NASA administrator, MSFC director takes on new space challenge

Robert Lightfoot will join Lockheed Martin Space as vice president of strategy and business development.

  NASA, Blue Origin team up to propel space developments forward

NASA and Blue Origin have signed an agreement, allowing the company to fire up their latest rocket engines on Redstone Arsenal.

  ISS astronauts give shoutout to Decatur High School culinary students

The students won a NASA culinary challenge last year and now get to see the fruits of their labor.

Former astronaut Owen Garriott dies at 88

NASA reports that former astronaut Owen Garriott passed away on Monday at age 88.

  Vice president visits Space Camp during trip to Rocket City

Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Huntsville didn’t end after the National Space Council meeting on Tuesday. He got a special tour of Space Camp to see what students are learning.

  NASA cancels first all-female spacewalk - not enough spacesuits that fit

Christina Koch was set to make history in the spacewalk with fellow astronaut Anne McClain. But the crew only has one medium-size spacesuit available at the International Space Station.

  Over the Moon: A celebration of the Apollo missions

WAFF 48 is highlighting the accomplishments of the men and women of NASA by retelling the dramatic true stories that helped transform Huntsville in to the ‘Rocket City’.

Enjoy bright stars with NASA sky watching

So this month at NASA, it’s the perfect time to enjoy bright stars and planetary pairings.

FDA: Six patients reportedly die due to defibrillator malfunction, Stryker recalls

The device reportedly locks up after shock.

Plans to start mining water, oxygen from moon, European Space Agency announces

Using these natural resources could make it easier for humans to stay on the moon for extended periods of time.

Curtain rising Sunday night on total lunar eclipse

Sunday night, the Earth will slide directly between the moon and the sun, creating a total lunar eclipse. There won't be another until 2021.

  Local organizations putting on ‘furlough open house’ for NASA workers

Information on short-term jobs, loans, and food assistance will all be available.

  Impacts of government shutdown being felt by MSFC employees

Marshall Space Flight Center employees are speaking out for the first time since the shutdown started.

  China becomes first country to land spacecraft on far side of moon

China is only the third country, behind the United States and Russia, to have spacecrafts make moon landings, and it is the first to have a craft land on the moon's far side.

NASA spacecraft’s deep-space flyby a success

The New Horizons spacecraft successfully flew by an object about the size of Washington, D.C., in the extreme outer solar system.

  Over the Moon: 50 years since Apollo 8

If you were alive on December 21, 1968 and are old enough to remember, this trip back in time will hopefully put a smile on your face.

  Huntsville mayor talks Dream Chaser news

The space plane has passed a key NASA milestone, validating design performance and clearing the way for full production.

  Experts discuss Space Command, how it will impact TN Valley

President Donald Trump has issued an order creating a new space command to better advance military operations in space. It's been a hot topic, especially in Huntsville with its long history of advancements in space.

  ISS passing over Huntsville this weekend

If you’ve ever wondered what the International Space Station looks like from earth, now’s your chance.

  3 astronauts headed to ISS

The astronauts left from the Russian Space Agency launch pad in Kazakhstan.

  NASA lands on Mars for the first time in 6 years

NASA’s InSight made its first landing in six years on at 1:52 p.m. Monday. The landing was NASA’s 10th attempt overall.

  NASA chief stresses importance of space development for national security

A lot of great minds gathered to discuss major advancements in space and what’s next for our country.

  Aerojet Rocketdyne celebrates construction progress

Progress was on display at Aerojet Rocketdyne’s new advanced manufacturing facility in Huntsville. The company held a topping out ceremony to mark how far construction has progressed. Topping out is a building tradition that originates in Scandinavia.

  Blue Origin wins ULA engine contract, will build facility in Huntsville

Blue Origin has announced plans to build a rocket engine plant in Huntsville after landing a contract with the United Launch Alliance.

  Huntsville hosting International Space Apps Challenge

Exciting news for the city of Huntsville and the entire Tennessee Valley, all thanks to NASA.

  Jody Singer named Marshall Space Flight Center director

Jody Singer is now the official director of the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville.