Stephen McLamb

Sand Mountain Reporter
Stephen McLamb

Stephen's interest in news came from watching the day by day coverage of the first Gulf War. That's when he began his pursuit into the news business.

Stephen spent nearly five years at WVLT in Knoxville, Tennessee but before that spent nearly a decade of covering news for WAKA in Selma, near his hometown of Demopolis. It was that town with such a rich history of Civil Rights and Civil War history that he honed his skills as a broadcast journalist meeting and covering state and national newsmakers.

Stephen spent his earlier school years attending Auburn University before graduating from the University of West Alabama, so he pulls for both Tigers.

Getting the call to come to the Huntsville area was welcome news, not only for a great career opportunity, but a chance to get closer to home.

On his off time, you better have a boat if you want to find him because that's where he'll be.