Allen Stroud

Allen Stroud

Allen Stroud joined WAFF 48 News in 2013. His interest in news began as a child, in his hometown of Madison, as he enjoyed watching local morning news shows before school. “It is a privilege to work with so many people I’ve looked up to and respected for so many years. The viewers of the Tennessee Valley are loyal, kind, and so giving.”

Over the years, Allen has worn many hats at WAFF, starting as an account executive for our sales department. In 2015, he moved to the news department, where he interned as a producer, then took the role of photojournalist, and later reporter. In 2017, Allen helped expand our Sand Mountain Bureau team to two reporters.

“From day one, the people of Marshall, DeKalb, and Jackson county immediately welcomed me into their homes and their communities. Sand Mountain has a very special place in my heart.”

Allen is an award-winning journalist who enjoys covering stories that impact north Alabama, industry, education, politics, and Huntsville’s role in major achievements to space exploration. Additionally, he likes to follow up on big stories we’ve brought you over the years.

Allen takes pride in helping people more than anything. That’s why he says severe-weather coverage is so important to him, working with our team of meteorologists to bring you life-saving information and providing critical updates in times of tragedy to get people the help they need. “I’ve been on the other side of the screen, worried about family and friends. It’s very rewarding to be able to provide a calm during the storm.”

Allen graduated from Auburn University with B.S. in Business Administration.

Outside of work, Allen enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, anything related to history, enjoying the outdoors, reading, and sampling every single BBQ spot across north Alabama.

And of course, a lifelong Auburn fan, he enjoys cheering on his Auburn Tigers. War Eagle!

Allen is also a country music fanatic. Interviews with two well-known Tennessee Valley country music super groups, Alabama and Shenandoah, are two of the biggest highlights of his career.