Residents share frustrations over pool contractor

WAFF 48's Matthew King reporting
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 9:21 AM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - North Alabama homeowners said they are frustrated, as their dreams are nowhere near pristine.

Jerry and Wendy Scarborough said their yard hasn’t been the same since they contacted Greg Kirk to build them a pool. According to them, they entered a contract with Kirk in April to build them a pool for $60,000, and he went to work.

After minimal progress, Wendy Scarborough said Kirk started making excuses instead of showing up.

“His worker went jail, then it was his mother’s dog died, a family pet, and then it was a heat stroke,” she said.

After months, the Scarborough’s had little-to-no progress on their pool and were $48,000 out of pocket.

“The longer he can string you along, he’s not in breach of his contract, because he didn’t put a contract date,” she said.

They quickly discovered, they are not the only family looking for more work on their pool from Pristine Pools.

“I asked him how many pools he was working on, and he specifically said four to five pools,” homeowner Johnny Duvall said. “Come to find out, on the bankruptcy hearing in the documents, he has thirty-something creditors on the documents.”

Duvall found out about Kirk’s business through a neighbor, with a different name, Pristine Fiberglass Pools LLC,

“It’s not like this is new to him,” he said. “He’s filed bankruptcy three or four times.”

The secretary of state’s website shows Kirk listed on three companies, Pristine Pools LLC, Pristine Fiberglass Pools LLC, and I Want A Pool LLC.

Pristine Pools is now dissolved and has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, and as recently as last week, a bankruptcy filing now covers pristine fiberglass pools.

Kirk listed his total liabilities at nearly $1.5 million , with several creditors included. Homeowners told WAFF 48 they feel cheated out of their money, as bankruptcy seems like a cheap loophole to them.

“There’s nothing to stop him from continually opening up business under LLC’s,” Scarborough said.

Now, they’re advising residents do their research before hiring a contractor.

“I put him out of my life, and I slept better that night because worrying about him and how much I was going to lose in the past year, that weighs on you,” homeowner Erick Tibeau said.

The business location listed for Pristine Pools happens to be a home in Muscle Shoals.

WAFF 48 reached out to Greg Kirk for a comment, and have not heard back.

Some of the homeowners have filed lawsuits. Whether those homeowners get their money back or not, they want to serve as a cautionary tale for others to do their homework on who you’re hiring.

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