Kitchen Cops find first aid supplies mixed in with avocados

There were a handful of spots that you might want to hear about this week
Published: Sep. 29, 2023 at 5:00 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 29, 2023 at 5:33 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There were nearly 200 restaurant, cafeteria, food truck, and grocery store inspections around north Alabama last week. For the most part, the scores came back just fine. But, there were a handful of spots that you might want to hear about:

Madison County

La Fuente on Highway 231/431 in Meridianville has the lowest score in the Tennessee Valley this week. It gets a 69 due to temperature issues with peppers and cheese and a dishwasher without enough sanitizer. It was also written up when inspectors found items from a first aid kit stored with food and clean dishes. This included a note in the report reading: “Vaseline stored with avocados & above dishes stored as clean. Vitamins stored above clean dishes. Vaseline, lotion, & vitamins (in first aid kit cabinet) stored above onions.” La Fuente was also written up for having an unsecured septic tank lid, a dirty ice machine, and missing test kits for the dishwasher.

The Texas Roadhouse on Jeff Road has made multiple appearances in our Kitchen Cops reports in the past. It’s back on our radar again with a 74 this week. Inspectors noted a dirty ice bin and nozzle in the bar. There was also an issue with hot water not reaching a high enough temperature in the women’s restroom, flies throughout the kitchen, and house-made hot sauce that was a week past its expiration date.

The mini-mart at the corner of Pulaski Pike and Stringfield Road gets an 81 this week. It was written up for two dirty ice machines and no soap in the restrooms or at the handwashing sinks.

The Sonic on Sparkman Drive gets 82 due to gnats, flies in the building, and food temperature issues.

Supermercado El Rey on Lawrence Avenue gets an 83 due to roaches in the building, a sink without hot water or paper towels, and beans, beef, and chicken at the wrong temperature.

There were also roaches in the Waffle House on Pratt Avenue in Huntsville. That combined with dirty soda nozzles earns that location an 84 score.

DeKalb County

The only problem in DeKalb County this week was at the Arby’s on Greenhill Boulevard in Fort Payne. It got an 84 on its most recent inspection due to toxic chemicals stored near ready-to-eat breads and no soap at one handwashing sink.

Lauderdale County

No significant issues in Lauderdale County this week.

Limestone County

Best Mart on Nick Davis Road gets an 85 due to soda nozzles with black and white residue and a sink in a restroom only reaching 75 degrees.

Morgan County

The Jack’s on Highway 31 in Hartselle gets a 77 due to no food thermometer, creamer at the wrong temperature and employees not washing hands.

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