An elementary school in Colbert County is being recognized for its high-achieving students

Elementary school in Colbert County recognizes its high-achieving students
WAFF 48 Reporting
Published: Sep. 21, 2023 at 8:31 PM CDT
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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WAFF) - New Bethel Elementary School in Colbert County is recognizing its students for excelling in literacy and mathematics proficiency.

The school has an overall 72 percent in ELA Proficiency as well as a 73 percent in its Math Proficiency across the board in kindergarten through sixth grade. That makes it one of only four schools in the state to achieve a 100 percent passing rate on the ACAP test for third graders. Principal Nathan Fuller said this is a hard feat to achieve especially when 57 percent of their students are impoverished.

Fuller said that it takes time and dedication from every staff and every child to achieve what his little school has.

“We talk about these numbers on paper but here we always remember that someone’s child and someone’s future is behind that number,” Fuller stressed. “It really is about changing the future for some of these kids. We have a very high poverty rate in this community. We’re a small rural school so to be able to overcome those gaps in achievement is something really remarkable for what’s going on here.”

These numbers come after the school hired an intervention teacher to start a new program and help kids that could be slipping through the cracks. The intervention teacher, Brittany Leathers, said it is a team effort between the parents, teachers and children to bring the data up from recent years.

“Everybody is looking at standards and seeing what they can do with these kids to achieve these master standards,” Leathers said. “We’re just so proud of them and just altogether. Working altogether. The kids know that we’re working with them so therefore they want to do their best as well.”

This news comes as Alabama’s state superintendent warns tens of thousands of third graders could be held back this year due to a new state law with tougher test standards.

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