Couple perplexed after they find their home’s roof tiles mysteriously torn up

The homeowner says she was working inside her home office when it felt like her house was being pushed forward. (Source: Arizona's Family)
Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 4:11 PM CDT
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PHOENIX (KPHO/Gray News) — A family in Arizona was left baffled after something mysteriously caused damage to the roof tiles on their house.

Lisa Sikorski told KPHO she was working in her upstairs office last Friday afternoon when she heard and felt what sounded like a truck barreling toward her house.

“It got really, really strong,” she said.

Sikorski also said her dog, who typically isn’t bothered by storms, came running.

The commotion lasted about 15 seconds and then was over.

“I had the sensation the house was moving forward. I knew it wasn’t, but it felt like I was on a mudslide or something,” Sikorski said.

Considering it to be blasting occurring nearby, Sikorski said she assumed her neighbors also heard it. However, they said they did not.

One of her neighbors noticed that Sikorski’s roof tiles were in shambles that afternoon.

Sikorski and her husband said it looked like something hit their roof, possibly debris from a plane or meteorite. There were two separate spots on the roof with displaced tiles.

Kevin Bowland from All About Roofing came to the home to survey the damage. He said he didn’t find any foreign objects, but believes it may have been some sort of weather event.

“It’s just a downward wind that comes in and it lifts the tiles,” Bowland said.

Bowland said he didn’t see any holes in the roof or points of impact.

“The tile is all over, but the batten is in place, and the underlayment is still tacked down,” he said.

KPHO’s meteorologist Royal Norman said it could have been caused by a dust devil if the culprit was a weather event.

Sikorski and her husband said they plan to get a few more opinions to be sure it wasn’t something else that caused the damage.