73 dogs found in deplorable conditions at Kentucky home, authorities say

Dozens of dogs found in ‘deplorable’ conditions at Kentucky home, police say
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 1:27 PM CDT
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ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT/Gray News) - Authorities say dozens of dogs were found in deplorable conditions at a home in Estill County.

The dogs were discovered Tuesday night living in their own waste at a home.

Police arrested Delbert Collins on numerous animal cruelty charges after they said they found 73 dogs in crates or stacked in cages, matted and covered in feces and urine.

Some of the dogs were without food and water.

Animal rescue groups said they’re working to help with the overwhelming situation that quickly caused the Estill County Animal Shelter to be over capacity.

Paw 4 The Cause got involved, and an official there says a person who owns a barn is temporarily holding some of the dogs the animal shelter couldn’t fit. We’re told animal rescue groups from all over the country are being called to help.

“I am glad that we got the anonymous call to look into it,” said Ashley Collins of Estill County Animal Shelter. “The dogs were very happy to be out of their crates. I think they had lived in their crates for quite some time, in their own feces and urine.”

The dogs are said to be Maltese mixes and some “maltipoo,” which is a mix of Maltese and poodle.

Officials said they are hoping that none of the dogs will have to be put down.