Kitchen Cops: Roaches, flies, gnats, spiders and ants in Athens restaurant

Restaurante El Buen Sazon on North Jefferson Street in Athens gets a 75 due to a plethora of problems.
Published: Sep. 1, 2023 at 5:00 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 1, 2023 at 5:44 AM CDT
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ATHENS, Ala. (WAFF) - A total of 23 businesses were inspected this week in Limestone County. Only one had a score low enough to catch our eye.

Restaurante El Buen Sazon on North Jefferson Street in Athens gets a 75 due to a plethora of problems. Inspectors say there were roaches, gnats, flies, spiders, and ants throughout the building and flies in several food items. There were also multiple foods stored past the seven-day limit. Several foods were at the wrong temperature, two sinks had no hot water and there were no employees present with approved safety training.

Madison County

The Madison County Kitchen Cops were busy this week as summer comes to an end. They inspected 114 establishments. Fortunately, only a handful of problems were uncovered.

Mike’s Mini Mart on Winchester Road near Blue Spring has the lowest score of the week - a 73. Inspectors say they found mold, rust, and paint flakes in the ice machine, mixed in with the ice. There was also an issue with soap missing at two different hand-washing sinks and flies at the mop sink.

El Mariachi on Winchester Road in Madison County is hit with several violations, dragging its score down to 78. The reach-in cooler was malfunctioning, which led to several foods being at the wrong temperature. That food all had to be tossed and the cooler was fixed. There was also an issue of condensation on a light fixture dropping onto broccoli, causing it to mold. The broccoli was thrown out. Inspectors also noted a dirty ice machine and queso at the wrong temperature.

The Grille on Main at Providence Main Street scored a 79. There was a bucket improperly stored, missing paper towels at a sink, and an unlabeled chemical bottle. Inspectors also found sausage made 8 days before their visit in the cooler and greens and beans without a date mark.

Bulldogs Chicken on Meridian Street gets an 81. It had problems with the hot water at one sink, no toilet paper in the restrooms, a dirty ice machine, and rodent feces in three different spots around the kitchen and storage area.

Note: Three inspections in Madison County this week are being reevaluated. They have been redacted from the sheets below. They do not involve any of the businesses listed above.

Morgan County

No significant issues in Morgan County this week

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