‘It was very traumatic’: Neighbors in Madison Co. speak out after a woman was run over while on bike

Kim Lands is the neighbor who had footage from the day the incident happened.
Published: Jun. 23, 2023 at 7:51 PM CDT

MADISON Co., Ala. (WAFF) - Neighbors in Madison County are speaking out a day after deputies with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of striking a woman while she was riding an exercise bicycle.

Deputies say Jeremy Norwood is wanted on a felony assault charge after security footage showed him driving through a yard on Autumn Spring Drive and chasing after the woman, eventually hitting her with his car.

Kim Lands is the neighbor who had footage from the day the incident happened. She said Norwood nearly struck her and her husband in a head-on collision as they were headed home.

As Lands and her husband turned onto the street, she saw the aftermath of what had taken place. She called the experience traumatic.

“After we’d seen the lady that was struck down, we knew that that’s probably what happened since they had came at us the way that they did, we knew that they had probably just struck her,” Lands said.

Lands also said she didn’t know what to expect as Norwood turned his vehicle around to leave the subdivision.

“I was actually really terrified that he was coming back through the subdivision because he had went down this street behind us here and when he came back through, he did keep going after all, but we thought he was coming back through to hit again,” she said. “So it was very scary.”

People familiar with the situation said the woman is recovering at home after the incident.

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