Crisis Alert Systems coming soon to Madison City Schools

WAFF 48's Claudia Peppenhorst reporting
Published: Jun. 13, 2023 at 6:41 PM CDT
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MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - Madison City School leaders are introducing a new safety measure in all schools this summer.

The Crisis Alert System is small and can be worn on a lanyard. With one push of a button, school staff will be able to alert others of an emergency. Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols says these devices will cut down on response times.

“They can just simply hit the code on this and immediately it sends the message to who needs to have it,” Nichols said. “So it really speeds up the process for us to be able to address medical emergencies or any other type of situation in the school.”

The devices are linked to monitors throughout the schools. These monitors can set off the alarm system and track the location of each device.

“Throughout your schools, you can have places where you have dead spots in communication, in a phone, or a walkie-talkie, and this helps to locate and show on a phone on the app where that location actually is,” Nichols said.

Staff members will even be able to put the school into lockdown mode using the device. Nichols said he hopes they won’t ever have to use it, but the purpose of these devices is to help in any potential situation.

“A health situation, a discipline situation or, you know I hope we never have to, but a lockdown situation,” Nichols said. “To know that our staff has control of helping us to address that as they are out across our campuses and that we can respond rapidly to their needs really makes me feel great.”

Nichols said these devices are ordered and will be installed this summer. They will be ready to use for the upcoming school year.

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