Lincoln County, TN residents to face potential property tax increase

WAFF's Romario Gardner reporting
Published: Jun. 7, 2023 at 10:39 PM CDT
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LINCOLN CO., Tenn. (WAFF) - Some homeowners in Lincoln County, TN may soon have to fork over extra cash.

Lincoln County and Fayetteville City leaders are looking to increase property taxes.

Patsy Brewer said she’s lived in the county for 40 years and was dumbfounded when she found out county commissioners were looking to raise her property taxes by $1.10.

“That’s unreal,” Brewer said. “A lot of people especially people my age, you know, they live on a limited income, and they can’t afford more taxes.”

The fright is amplified for residents who live within city limits and have to pay both county and city taxes.

Fayetteville Mayor Donna Hartman recently said the city is looking to increase its property taxes by 35 cents.

Homeowner Jonathan Austin said he’s lived within the city limits for almost a year, and believes the increases are uncalled for.

“I don’t feel is justifiable, there’s very little in this town,” Austin said. “There’s no major retailer other than Walmart, no Publix or Kroger. I think we already pay enough in general for trash pickup and water and sewage.”

Mayor Hartman said city residents who live in a $200,000 home would pay on average $1,550 in annual property taxes, and county residents would pay $1,050. If both city and county property tax increases were to pass, city residents would see a $975 increase, and county residents would see an increase of $550.

Lincoln County plans to raise its budget by 55 cents, and per the local tax agreement, another 55 cents would go to the school system.

The money could be used to make improvements at Highland Rim School. Parent Emily Vandagriff said she has three students who currently attend the school and believes the money would be well spent.

“Everything that we do here in our schools is going to directly impact our future,” Vandagriff said. “These kids who are walking these halls are going to be our future physicians and our nurses, our first responders, our politicians and we want to make sure that they’re set up to be successful so that our future is bright.”

The city is expected to vote on its budget on June 13.

The county is expected to vote on its budget, on June 20.

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