Albertville schools implementing audio devices to improve campus safety

Teachers are equipped with microphones that include ‘panic buttons’
WAFF 48's Savannah Sapp reporting
Published: Apr. 27, 2023 at 7:12 PM CDT
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - All six Albertville schools are now equipped with an audio enhancement system that will not only allow students to hear instructions but will increase campus safety.

Each teacher wears the device around their neck during instruction and connects to the intercom system to provide amplified sound.

Teachers like Pam Anclet utilize rubber balls with microphones inside to make class time more interesting. Students toss the ball around the room and use the embedded microphone to answer. Seventh grader Finlee Foxx says that the audio system offers a more engaging way to learn.

“It’s just easier to learn because you’re actually like getting to do stuff with it, you’re not just sitting there on a computer all day. So it’s made it more fun and easier to remember things,” Foxx said.

However, the new system adds more than fun to classroom instruction.

Embedded into these devices is a program called Signal Alert for Education (SAFE). This is an alert and notification system that allows Albertville City School teachers to connect with other instructors, administrators, and first responders for communication.

The system is integrated into the microphones that teachers wear around their necks. A panic button will notify principals and administrators of an incident within seconds. It will also activate the surveillance camera closest to the teacher.

“I can push my panic button and it notifies the central office, it notifies the principals in the school, and they get a notification and my cameras are activated. So they’re automatically seeing what’s going on in my classroom to know what kind of help I need,” Anclet says.

Anclet also says it gives her piece of mind while teaching.

”I think with times changing the way that they are security and safety are on the front of everybody’s mind. So, for me, just having that there and knowing it’s there in case I ever need it... knowing that it will get me to help faster does give me a little more security and sound piece of mind in the classroom,” Anclet said.

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