‘Finally’: Mother of Boaz murder victim reacts to killer’s sentence

After multiple domestic violence allegations, Jossie Bowen’s parole has been revoked.
Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 7:38 PM CDT
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MARSHALL CO., Ala. (WAFF) - In February of 2020, Jossie Bowen killed his ex-brother-in-law 30-year-old Colton McKinney outside a bank in Boaz.

Investigators believe Bowen and his sister planned to confront McKinney over a joint bank account. Since 2020, Bowen was sent back to jail twice for bond violations.

In January, Bowen pleaded guilty to manslaughter in connection to McKinney’s death.

“I’ve grieved over the fact that we didn’t get to have a trial, that he took a plea. But then again, I also know that a trial would have been very difficult,” says Colton McKinney’s mother Dawn Kelley.

Bowen was sentenced to a 15-year split sentence in January. During proceedings, Bowen’s ex-wife testified in court on the harassment she received when he was incarcerated.

Judge Chris Abel sentenced Bowen to serve the remainder of his sentence in prison, without parole. Judge Abel also removed Bowen’s split sentence.

In a statement to WAFF 48, Marshall County District Attorney Jennifer Bray commented on Bowen’s behavior while in and out of the Marshall County Jail.

“When Mr. Bowen pleaded guilty on January 9th, he had 74 more days to serve before being released from his two-year split sentence and placed on probation. However, it only took Mr. Bowen two days to violate his probation and commit the new offense of Domestic Violence Harassing Communications even while behind bars,” says Bray.

This behavior, along with many previous allegations of domestic violence is what led Judge Abel to make his decision. Bray commends Judge Abel on his decision to keep Bowen from offending again.

“We are thankful Judge Abel saw through Mr. Bowen’s manipulative behavior and revoked his probation. We truly feel that our community, women in our community especially, are safer because of it,” says District Attorney Jennifer Bray.

Dawn Kelley is relieved that her son’s killer will serve his full sentence.

“Finally, we are so thankful that he’s going to go to prison. I’m just thankful that God knows everything and he knows Jossie Bowen’s heart. He knows what’s really going on with all of this,” she said.

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