Michael Irvin, Jr. Shooting: 4 years since Irvin was killed in Decatur home

WAFF 48's Jasmyn Cornell reporting
Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 1:10 PM CST
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DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Four years ago, a man was killed in his Decatur home. Today, the family of Michael “Dooney” Irvin, Jr. says they are still waiting for justice.

“I’m truly an angry mother, and God is going to have to get me through this,” said Georgia Irvin, Michael’s mother.

On February 25, 2019, 30-year-old Irvin was shot and killed in his home on Marion Street, and after years fighting, his mother says they still haven’t seen justice.

“I haven’t slept eight hours a night since my child was murdered. There’s not a second. There’s not a minute in the day that I don’t think about him, and it’s rough. It is rough,” said Georgia. “If you’ve never lost a child, you don’t know what it feels like.”

Zachary Williams and Ulysses Wilkerson were arrested and charged with capital murder for the death of Irvin in 2019. Last year in December, a Morgan County jury found Williams not guilty.

“This guy is walking free. His mom, his parents, children, sisters, and brothers – they can go visit him, but I have to go over here with coat on and sit at Sterrs Cemetery to talk to my son,” said Georgia.

Irvin’s daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, and son, who was 8, were both in the home at the time of the killing. The daughter witnessed it.

“This child has got to live and grow up knowing what happened to her father,” said Georgia.

Today, Irvin’s family and friends are working to keep his legacy alive. They say he was an important member of the Decatur community.

“Michael was a loving person. He graduated from high school. He played football, basketball, [and] track. He was a giving person. Michael would give you the shirt off his back, and he didn’t deserve what Zachary Williams and Ulysses done to him,” said Georgia.

Wilkerson has not gone on trial yet and there’s no date set for him at this time. Georgia says they’re hoping to hear from the district attorney soon.

“I don’t want nobody electrocuted or life taken from them like that. I want them to sit up there day for day to know what they did, and I want them to never get out,” said Georgia.

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