Twin brothers have babies on the same day

Published: Jan. 21, 2023 at 6:15 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Nathan and Thomas Krick share many things in common. Their last name, for one. And as identical twins, their birthdays.

“We’re best friends,” Thomas said. “We’ve obviously grown up together. We were born an hour and 20 minutes apart. We’ve had similar jobs going through high school. We’ve always worked together, at times lived together.”

Now, the Lincoln-based twins share something else in common: the birthday of their sons, 50 minutes apart.

“Someone joked yesterday that these two were born closer than what me and Thomas were born,” Nathan said.

Back in the spring, Nathan and Thomas learned their babies, Callahan and Milo, shared a due date: Jan. 24.

“We were extremely surprised that it was on the same day,” Thomas said. “We knew that they wanted another. We weren’t exactly in that same spot yet. So when we found out we were having a kid, let alone at the same month, the same day, it was extremely surprising.”

But then, Thomas had to rush his wife, Therese, to the hospital earlier than expected on Friday morning. He assumed that meant Milo would beat Callahan by a few days, but then he got a text from Nathan: Nathan’s wife Makayla’s water had broken, too.

And there’s one more incredible coincidence.

“This was kind of funny, so Callahan’s middle name is Thomas, which is my twin brother,” Nathan said. “And milo’s middle name is Nathan, which is my name. Totally not planned either.”

Thomas and Nathan said they’re both eager for the challenge of another child, and they hope little Milo and Callahan will forge a bond like the one they have as they grow up.

It’s unlikely odds. Two identical twin brothers, living in Lincoln, rushed to two different...
It’s unlikely odds. Two identical twin brothers, living in Lincoln, rushed to two different hospitals on the same day where they would soon meet their respective new born sons.(10/11 NOW)