RANA makes progress in picking up recycling bins; plans to collect remaining bins

WAFF's Megan Plotka reporting
Published: Dec. 9, 2022 at 8:25 AM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Recycling Alliance of North Alabama (RANA) is playing catch up to pick up recycling off the curb after it experienced major pick up delays throughout November. At one point, only two of its seven trucks were functioning.

On top of machine problems, WAFF uncovered RANA’s contractor, Red River, went bankrupt. Private equity company, Platform Capital, LLC. is taking over.

RANA leaders brought in crews from Madison County, the City of Huntsville and Platform to pick up over 200 tons of recycling over the weekend of Dec. 2.

Solid Waste Disposal Authority Executive Director Doc Holladay oversees RANA. He said approximately 30,000 homes were behind schedule and they picked up recycling at almost every single one of those homes.

WAFF's Megan Plotka reporting

After their weekend push, they did miss a few areas. Mainly the Edgewater community, neighborhoods in western Madison County and New Market.

Holladay said six trucks will pick up trash in the remaining neighborhoods.

“There are some pockets that we missed, primarily out in the western part of the county, and so we’ve compiled a list and we’ve started back out there today to try and get those misses,” Holladay said. “The important thing is anyone that got missed, if your can is still out there and you haven’t been serviced please contact our offices.”

Holladay said the fast-growing number of homes with recycling bins is a challenge.

Holladay attributes that to a few main causes. First, they had a rush of people signing up for recycling and RANA went from weekly pick up to monthly pick up. He says that increased the quantity of recycling they had to pick up each route.

In 2019, Holladay says RANA was responsible for picking up recycling at 55,000 homes. That number grew by over 60% by 2022. They serve 84,000 households and some of them have two recycling bins.

Another hurdle is the fast growth in the Huntsville metro area.

“I think growth had some to do with it obviously I mean we’re going into new subdivisions every day, so an expanded service area,” Holladay said. “I think it will continue to grow fast but maybe not quite as fast. We end up with 200 to 250 new enrollees every month.”

He says their new contractor, Platform, has six trucks working right now. At one point last week, there were just two working trucks.

If there are still recycling bins on your curb, you can contact RANA at support@recycling-alliance.com or (256) 801-2278.