Alabama county leaders release 2023 legislative priorities

Association of County Commissions of Alabama
Association of County Commissions of Alabama(Erin Davis)
Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 1:24 PM CST
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Association of County Commissions of Alabama (ACCA) has released its list of priorities for the 2023 legislative session.

“In a typical session, we’ll track about 70 percent of the bills,” said Sonny Brasfield, executive director of ACCA. “Almost everything of any significance that occurs in the state is somehow touching the county governing body that takes care of all 5 million citizens in Alabama.”

While the commission will vote on the suggested priorities Thursday morning, they are giving a first look at what residents can expect over the next session. In all, there are 10 priorities listed, some of which have rolled over from last year, including broadband expansion and federal funding allocation.

The remaining priorities include the following:

  • Speed Limit Restrictions: To prohibit municipalities from establishing or setting speed limits on roads that are maintained by the county.
  • County EMA Funding: To ensure counties receive adequate state supplement funding, including the periodic cost of living adjustments, for employing a certified EMA director.
  • Election Publication Requirements: To authorize counties to satisfy election-related publication requirements by posting information on a public website and making copies available at the courthouse.
  • Board of Registrars Appointments: To amend Alabama law reforming the current board of registers system to ensure appointments fairly reflect the demographic makeup of each county as well as to provide increased accountability, local notification and communication, state and local oversight, and minimum qualifications for appointments.
  • Poll Worker Compensation: To support the passage of legislation providing a state-funded increase in wages to poll workers.
  • Alabama Procurement Processes: To make revisions to Alabama’s existing public purchasing processes to enhance their efficiencies and effectiveness for use at the county level.
  • State Agency Rulemaking: To require any state agency directives or rules impacting the taxes owed by citizens or corporations and provided to counties to adhere to the Administrative Procedure Act.
  • Pistol Permit Revenue: To ensure full reimbursement to counties of lost pistol permit revenue following the passage of the permitless carry law.

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