Day 3: Key witness for the prosecution slated to take the stand

Day 3: Key witness for the prosecution slated to take the stand
Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 8:37 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 14, 2022 at 10:37 AM CDT
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LIMESTONE Co., Ala. (WAFF) - Opening statements for a trial focused on an Elkmont teen who is accused of killing five of his family members began Tuesday and the trial will continue Wednesday with testimony from law enforcement on the scene.

In Wednesday’s session, jurors heard from more law enforcement officials who were involved with the case including testimonies from deputies who were on the scene. Forensic experts gave their perspectives on the evidence found at the crime scene.

Former Limestone County Sheriff, Mike Blakely will be a major witness in this trial and is set to testify at some point. Blakely was on the scene the night of the alleged murders.

In July, Mason Sisk’s defense team filed a motion to suppress the confession to Blakely because the team argues he was under arrest but had not been read his Miranda Rights. The prosecution argued that at that time, Mason Sisk was not under arrest at the time of the confession and was therefore not required to be read his Miranda Rights.

After hearing from both sides on the matter, a judge ruled that the confession from Mason Sisk could be used in the trial. Now it is expected to be presented to the jury Wednesday in court.

Wednesday’s session started with a doctor from the Huntsville Hospital taking the stand to discuss John Sisk and how he died at the hospital. Following that, the doctor that treated Grayson Sisk, one of Mason Sisk’s siblings, took the stand to discuss his death.

Continuing with medical professionals, Dr. Jonrika Malone, a medical examiner for the state took the stand. Dr. Malone has presented pictures of the entrance and exit wounds from the bullet that went through John Sisk’s head and she confirmed that the cause of death was a homicide.

Dr. Malone added that the wounds in John Sisk’s head suggest that the shooter was either three feet or more away or that the shooter shot through a pillow. Pictures of Mary Sisk were presented next and the medical examiner described it the same way she described John Sisk’s wounds.

Dr. Malone told the court that John Sisk’s toxicology report showed hydrocodone and midazolam in his system. The prosecution says that those drugs may be present because of his hospital treatment.

After a brief break, the court was presented pictures of Grayson Sisk to which Dr. Malone also described the cause of death being a gunshot wound to the head. The court was then shown pictures of Colson Sisk, Mason Sisk’s six-month-old sibling. Dr. Malone said that Colson Sisk was shot twice in the head with each shot coming from between three inches and three feet away.

The medical examiner stated that Aurora Sisk, 4, was shot in a similar way to Mary Sisk.

Following an hour and a half long lunch break, deputy Justin Fields with the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office took the stand.

While on the stand, Fields was questioned on handgun proficiency and accuracy from different ranges. The court was presented body camera footage from Fields that shows Mason Sisk as deputy Fields arrives on the scene.

In the video, someone describes Mason Sisk as being either traumatized or a suspect. Fields saying that he can not handle the smell is also heard in the video.

Deputy Andrew King with the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office took the stand next while the court was shown his body camera footage.

Body camera footage from King shows Mason Sisk being put in handcuffs and escorted to the back of a car. King then stays outside the home to maintain a perimeter.

In King’s footage, Mason Sisk can be heard asking if any of his family is alive.

On Tuesday, jurors heard from friends of the Sisk family, saw body camera footage from law enforcement at the scene and heard audio from a 911 call center.

Many people in the courtroom were in tears after seeing body camera footage of the scene. The footage showed the bodies of the murdered Sisk family all lying in bed. Each family member was shot once except for 6-month-old Colson Sisk who was shot twice and died in his mother’s arms.

Judge Chadwick Wise says that tomorrow will be a long day and has asked jurors to return by 8:15 a.m. He also said the day will be a long one.

In Tuesday’s questioning, the prosecution brought family friends, Matt (Gator) and Angie Patti to the stand to detail the weekend leading up to the alleged murders. While on the stand, the defense took the opportunity to question the relationship between John and Mary Sisk, the father and stepmother of Mason Sisk.