Future of Morgan County School in jeopardy due to budget concerns

Morgan Co. School in consideration for closure
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 10:19 PM CDT

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -With only a student body of fewer than 100, Sparkman School in Hartselle is now faced with an uncertain future. Parents and teachers filled Thursday night’s Morgan County School Board meeting to hear that first hand.

“The predicting operating costs for Sparkman next year will be a little over two million dollars.” That was the number given by Morgan County Schools Superintendent Robert Elliot Jr.

The cost per student to operate the school is the biggest concern for the Board of Education and the future of the building itself as a community hub.

“We’re not closing anything tonight, so nobody panic,” Elliot Jr said. “But if that’s something the board chooses to do, we’ve still got things going on at that school, on that campus, that we’ve got to keep the power on. We’ve got to keep the water on. We’re using it for storage, we have the A-school there, things like that.”

One parent fears the possible closure of Sparkman may leave her no other option than to homeschool her daughter.

“I really wanted to like bust out and cry. Like this can’t be happening because it’s her first year and I really wanted her to go to school there, I waited a year and a half to put her in the school.”

That’s Meelena January, who also says Sparkman is ideal for her daughter because of its smaller classroom sizes.

“The first year she wasn’t ready emotionally because other schools, I feel like they don’t put the kids first, they worry about big numbers and getting money and all this and they overcrowd the classroom with so many kids. So they lose that one-on-one to learning, especially when they have learning disabilities.”

There will be a Question and Answer session for concerned parents at the school board’s next meeting on September 1st.

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