Madison family deals with ongoing repair delays in newly built home

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 8:59 AM CDT
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MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - What should have been an exciting experience for the Townsend family, turned into an exhausting one. The Townsend’s said buying a home is not what it lived up to be.

“We closed and had tons of things not done, it was not just one or two things,” Amanda Townsend said. “Little things caused bigger issues.”

The Townsend’s closed on their Stoneridge home at the end of December. WAFF 48′s Kellie Miller first spoke to the Townsend family in March. Many of their problems have been resolved since then, but some are still lingering.

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For example, they’ve noticed some cracks in the wall near the bathtub. They said the cracking was fixed, but continues to come back. Also, their garage door is bowing, something the Townsend’s never thought they’d have to deal with in a brand new home.

“The quality of the house is not quality of a house years ago,” Amanda said. “With any home, you always have to hire people but we’ve had to hire more people than we should have for a brand new home.”

The Townsend’s recognize that these issues can all be fixed in time. However, they want other people to know what they didn’t know, before closing.

“Anyone who is buying a brand new home, check and see what it says in your contract,” Amanda said. “Are you going to be forced to close when they say to close? Because we did not know we were going to have to close on a home that was not finished.”

“Not only that, but you put down the earnest money, and then if you choose to walk away at that point, you lose the earnest money, which in some cases can be $5,000 or more,” Matthew said.

Stoneridge Homes commented on the Townsend’s situation. Division President Scott James wrote, “All previous concerns were addressed expeditiously and to the Townsend’s satisfaction. Mrs. Townsend sent a service request for the garage door to us on Sunday. The weatherstripping on the bottom of the garage door is scheduled to be secured.”

He further wrote: “We have not been notified about the tub needing caulk, but this is typical homeowner maintenance. We will be happy to help if asked.”

The Townsend’s said they shared their story so others know what to expect before jumping into the market.

“When you are doing those final walk-throughs before closing, take all the time you need,” Amanda said. “They may say you only get two hours, but you can take your time.”

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