Decatur city, Morgan county schools nearly fully staffed before school year

Decatur city, Morgan county schools nearly fully staffed before school year
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 7:05 PM CDT
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DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Nationally, schools are struggling to hire enough teachers to fill classrooms.

A week from now, however, students within the Morgan County and Decatur City Schools will be welcomed back to a nearly 100% staff.

Dwight Satterfield of Decatur City Schools said hiring people for schools is always difficult because of the year-round nature of a school system.

“Staffing in schools is like any other business,” he said. “You always have staff retiring, resigning, transferring, and things like that. There’s positions posted virtually year round.”

Satterfield said despite the difficulties that other schools may go through, Decatur City Schools has as many staff as they did before the COVID pandemic.

“We feel good where we are in terms of staffing,” he said. “Really, we’re better than we’ve been since COVID has hit.”

Morgan County Superintendent-elect Tracie Turrentine attributed the culture of the county and the relatability of the faculty to fully building their staff.

“Our culture’s good in Morgan County, and we have really great students,” she said. “Our administrators, like any good college coach, would do, have been recruiting really good faculty. Hiring has been top-notch this year.”

Turrentine said their educator’s teaching experience within the school system varies. Some are first-time teachers, while others are former retirees still wanting to teach.

Turrentine said the County’s incentive to pay the teachers well has also been a good recruiting tool.

“Starting in October, they will see a teacher pay increase,” she said. “We’ve also increased our pay for several of our other staffing throughout the county this year.”

Both Satterfield and Turrentine are excited for students to start the school year next week.

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