Inside the College Football Hall of Fame

SEC Media Days are happening in Atlanta this week at the College Football Hall of Fame.
Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 5:08 PM CDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (WAFF) - Atlanta is home to the College Football Hall of Fame, where they take pride on having something for every college football fan.

WAFF 48′s Georgia Chambers had the opportunity to walkthrough the museum with a historian. Here are some of the highlights:

One of the first thing you see when you first walk in is this 40-foot high wall decorated with helmets from every school that plays four-year college football.

40-foot wall decorated with nearly 800 football helmets
40-foot wall decorated with nearly 800 football helmets(Georgia Chambers)

They have a display paying homage to the team mascots. This goat blanket from Navy is from around the late 1940′s.

Navy goat blanket
Navy goat blanket(Georgia Chambers)

Here, we find an athlete who got creative. A player who had an eye injury created his own facemask. At the time, facemasks were not readily used, so there weren’t any facemask regulations. So, this player, who was tired of other players grabbing his facemask, would put a razor-sharp barb under the wrapping. Players wouldn’t grab his mask more than once after that.

Inventive college football facemask
Inventive college football facemask(Georgia Chambers)

On the top floor, the MacArthur Bowl is on display. This is a sterling silver trophy designed by Tiffany’s that is presented to every national champion. It started back in 1959 with Syracuse, and features the most recent national champion, Georgia. It’s running out of space, with only seven spaces left before possibly an upper-deck will be added on.

MacArthur Bowl
MacArthur Bowl(Georgia Chambers)

Kent Stevens, a historian for the College Football Hall of Fame, thinks only about two percent of the relics that they own are actually on display.

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