Blood drive for research looking to provide screening tool for PTSD

Published: Jul. 18, 2022 at 10:21 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A unique PTSD research trial is happening right here in Huntsville and is one step closer to helping people worldwide.

Two research groups, Inner Defense Initiative, and Little Orange Fish, believe they have found a link between an immune response in the body and PTSD.

“We found this incredible link, and we believe we can build a super effect, clinically relevant screening tool to allow for early intervention of PTSD well before it becomes cognitively detrimental or had physiological effects,” said John Schmitt, a Founding member of Inner Defense Initiative.

Schmitt says the data to support this link was discovered a decade ago.

“We are trying to validate our initial date. COVID set us back a really long time. So to be able to sprint and get a whole bunch of samples to process and validate that date. Then put our research in front of peer review screenings so we can really move this product forward and hopefully help millions of people.”

To get the samples they need, Inner Defense Initiative and Little Orange Fish held a blood drive at HudsonAlpha Auditorium.

“We are interested in anyone who has experienced trauma. We will collect blood, we have a survey that will separate the data and help categorize the trauma plus medications to help us.”

Schmitt says they are looking for anyone willing to participate.

“Trauma doesn’t discriminate. With the last year of COVID and the trauma we experienced in general, but first responders, sexual assault victims, domestic violence victims, and veterans. Anyone with point trauma, a car crash, any who witnesses a suicide.”

Executive Director of Little Orange Fish, Daniel Adamek, says around 30 people volunteered in the research today.

”This will help every individual understand what they need to do because we are all going to be exposed to traumas throughout our lives at some point. Equipping people with the best tools, we can find to deal with when that happens.”

Adamek says there will be more blood drives in the future.

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