Old Madison Pike construction set to be completed in July, according to Huntsville city leaders

Tonight's topic on city roads comes just as workers prepare to complete a major project in west...
Tonight's topic on city roads comes just as workers prepare to complete a major project in west Huntsville
Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 6:48 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A major road project is close to being complete according to Huntsville city leaders. According to the City of Huntsville website, Research Park Boulevard between U.S. Highway 72 and Old Madison Pike will wrap up by the end of July.

There’s a large office complex near a major bridge on Old Madison Pike. Several people who work there are getting frustrated with the lack of communication with the city, like Lionel Barzon, who works for Human Resources at PMR Consulting.

“It’s like when is the next step?” asked Barzon. “When is this going to adjust? When is the next announcement about the next phase going to happen?”

Barzon’s coworker, Lauren Colvert, said it’s impacting their services.

“It’s been an issue for having clients come in, having business partners come in when you’re trying to have people go out to lunch, having to take different routes to get places, understanding that what you tell someone coming into town if you have someone flying in it might not be a viable option when they get there,” said Colvert.

They say sometimes the bridge is open and sometimes it’s closed. They say you have to completely change your route when this happens.

“How do we communicate the phases of construction on a more accessible resource for our people and the community to know about,” said Barzon. “Just being able to plan is the biggest improvement for people like us who are working here, how to actually deal with what’s coming down the pipe instead of getting caught off guard by construction.”

Huntsville City Councilman Bill Kling says it’s all going to end soon.

“Old Madison Pike will be complete by the end of July. It’s a project that the people over in Sherwood Park have been waiting for and I know everyone is going to be happy when the project is complete,” said Kling

Kling said the project was supposed to be finished in June, but did not say why it was delayed.

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