Dozens voted in wrong election in Lauderdale County

County leader says it didn’t change the outcome of the runoff election
At least 70 ballots were cast in the wrong election.
Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 7:43 PM CDT
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LAUDERDALE CO., Ala. (WAFF) - Many people in Lauderdale County voted in the wrong election in June. Probate Judge Will Motlow confirmed 70 people cast votes for the wrong ballot.

Lauderdale County Probate Judge Will Motlow said several votes were added to the wrong election because of redistricting. Many districts around the state were redrawn, but Motlow said this was a major problem in House District One and Two.

Several people went from being residents of District One to District Two, but the Board of Registrars didn’t make that change on official documents.

“When the voters went to the polling location there were a few voters who were designated in the system by the Board of Registrars to be assigned to House District one when in fact they should have been assigned House District two,” said Motlow.

They wanted to make sure this didn’t happen during the runoff elections so they put out provisional ballots. About 10 people used them and it showed six people were voting in the wrong district. However, he stresses this was not enough to change the outcome of the primary election or the runoff.

“The board of registrars will assign those voters to the correct precinct,” Motlow said.

He says they’re trying to make sure this doesn’t happen during the general election in November. They’re double-checking the district and precinct lines across the county.

“It’s very important we have people assigned to the district so we know the results of the election accurately reflect the will of the voters in that district,” said Motlow.

He wants to make sure this doesn’t happen again. He says he wants the county to invest in secure mapping software.

“Mapping software is something, moving forward, may help us there may be other places there may be another street somewhere in the county that’s misassigned the district or precinct,” said Motlow. “I’m not aware of it, but as this demonstrates, its’ certainly possible and I’m sure in many other counties the same situations exist.

He says he’s not sure they will be able to bring in mapping software because he doesn’t know if it’s in the budget.

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