Financial Friday: How to take advantage of free financial counseling

WAFF's Haley Baker reporting
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 1:04 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - We have all seen those ads for Financial Counseling Services that promise to help you pay off debt, fix your credit report, and help you get on solid financial footing. But this all comes at a price. Have you considered your local financial institution? They often offer financial counseling services free of charge.

WAFF talked to April James at Redstone Federal Credit Union. She’s the manager of the Member Solutions Department. She told us about some things Redstone Federal Credit Union offers its members. But if you aren’t a member of RFCU, your bank may offer similar services.

  • What is Financial Counseling? Financial Counseling provides our members the tools and knowledge they need to build a stable financial future and an overall healthy relationship with money.
  • Who needs Financial Counseling? Whether you just started your first job, just got married, are finishing college, changing jobs, or planning for retirement, Financial Counseling is beneficial during every stage of life.
  • What does it offer? Beyond just a budget, Financial Counseling can help you re-evaluate your relationship with money and review your spending habits. It can help identify good and bad money habits. Once these are identified it becomes easier to prepare for life events that affect our budget more responsibly.
  • Who provides the services? At Redstone, Member Solutions Department employs certified credit union Financial Counselors (CCUFC) to help you at no cost. Contact them at

Bottom Line: Financial Counseling is for everyone. Don’t be ashamed to ask for it and check with your financial institution before paying for it!

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